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October, 2013

  • 11 October

    Lian-Li PC-D600 Double Wide Brushed Aluminum Chassis Released – See Specs, Price and Video Review

    lian-li pc-d600 review

    A couple of days ago, Lian-Li has officially released the Lian-Li PC-D600 Double Wide Brushed Aluminum chassis featuring a two compartment design (thus the name “double wide”), and a 2mm thick aluminum panels. It fully supports motherboard from Micro-ATX up to EATX, supports water cooling setups and features a number of tool-free mechanisms that would be perfect for PC enthusiasts …

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  • 9 October

    NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Gaming Case Revealed

    nzxt source 530 full tower gaming case

    NZXT has recently revealed their latest full tower gaming case, the NZXT Source 530, offering enough room for your gaming hardware, unique and simplistic design, at an affordable price. If you are familiar with the brand NZXT, they have been offering cheaper PC components or hardware solution, from Power Supplies, PC Case and accessories. One of their popular products was …

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  • 9 October

    Call of Duty Ghost Official System Requirements for PC Revealed

    cod ghost system requirments for pc

    Call of Duty Ghost is one of the most awaited upcoming games to be released this year from Infinity Ward. I’m sure you’re curious to know whether you PC or gaming system can handle this game, and enjoy it to the fullest graphics details it can offer. Well, check them out its official system requirements below.

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  • 9 October

    Watchdogs Official System Requirements for PC Revealed

    watchdogs system requirements for pc

    Watchdogs is an upcoming game from UbiSoft, and recently the official system requirements of the game for PC have been revealed. The Watchdogs’ system requirements suggest that you need a powerful gaming machine to fully enjoy the game, specially if you want to max out its video settings. But if you have a gaming machine that can very much handle …

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  • 8 October

    AMD Radeon R9 290X Specifications Confirmed Together With Radeon R9 290

    amd radeon r9 290 specifications

    It seems that there is still 1 graphics card also based on Hawaii silicon, that sits somewhere in between the R9 280X and the R9 290X, it’s the AMD Radeon R9 290. Just recently, a slide was leaked from a Japanese site confirming the specifications of the R9 290X plus its little brother the non-X version, Radeon R9 290. Check …

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