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Asus ROG Matrix GTX 980 Gold Edition 20th Anniversary Unleashed – The Fastest GTX 980 Yet

Asus recently unleashed the fastest GTX 980 (according to the company) – the Asus ROG Matrix GTX 980 Gold Edition (GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5), in line with their 20th anniversary. The Matrix GTX 980 Gold Edition features 1431MHz clock speed, and cooled by the company’s award winning DirectCU II cooler with 0dB fan technology. It also features DiGi+ VRM and a 14-phase Super …

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EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Hybrid Unleashed and Reviewed

EVGA has recently released a GeForce GTX 980 with a hybrid cooling solution. The company combined both air and water cooling to provide much better cooling solution to the graphics card, and to provide more headroom for overclocking. The company calls their latest creation the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 HYBRID. Check out more of its features and specifications below. There’s …

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN X Released – See Features and Specifications

[Press Release] ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and manufacturer of graphics cards and mini-PCs, today crowns the ZOTAC GeForce GTX Titan X the king of the new generation of gaming. Continuing the legacy of previous Titans, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX Titan X is designed with precision for acoustic, thermal and power efficiency performance. The result is a graphics card that …

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NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Graphics Card Pictured By Deadmau5

NVIDIA Quadro M6000 by deadmau5

After NVIDIA officially revealed the GeForce GTX Titan X, it’s not going to be a mystery that the company will also soon reveal their next flagship Quadro graphics card for the professional, based on the same GM200 Maxwell chip. Recently, popular artist Deadmau5 posted a picture of his two new NVIDIA Quadro M6000 graphics cards. The Quadro M6000 is expected …

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Benchmarks and Specifications Revealed

Last week, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed their “most advanced GPU” todate – the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X. However, most of its information like its features and specifications where withheld. More of the TITAN X’s information will be revealed on a separated NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference later this month. But some of the Titan X’s benchmark performance as well …

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