3 Tablet PCs To Consider This 2019

Tablets these days largely fill 2 roles. They can easily be used purely for content, helpful for streaming Netflix, reading e-books and the like, or perhaps they will replace your laptop entirely. Look at Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Pro. These models are quite effective, with specs, processor speed, and screen resolution that can compete with or even exceed that of your laptop. On top of this, it is typically more lightweight and has a longer battery life.

What Are Tablets Good For?

Tablets are especially good for gaming. Why do you ask? Well, they are bigger than a smartphone, but smaller and more lightweight than a full blown gaming laptop. It just hits that sweet spot between convenience and quality. You get the great graphic quality you enjoy, but without having to lug around heavy equipment. Its ability to connect to the internet also makes it great for online casino gaming.

Apple iPad Air 2019 best tablet

Apple iPad Air

In 2019 Apple resurrected the title iPad Air for its 10.5-inch tablet that sits below the iPad Pro in terms of performance and features. Just like with the Pro, our testers had little to complain about when it came to the Air. It is fast, casual, and features a clear display that effectively reproduces color.

So, what makes the Air an Air? First of all, it is slightly smaller compared to the 11-inch Pro. However, this is not a difference easily observed while immersed in apps such as Netflix or Safari. The Air has 2 built-in speakers compared to the Pro’s 4. But you are almost certainly far better off with a good headset than being dependent on a tablet’s built-in speakers.

The Air’s display also operates at a reduced refresh rate than the Pro, which implies that particular animations (particularly scrolling text) might seem softer on the Pro. Everyday consumers might not think that these relatively small disparities are really worth the additional cash.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet pc

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Galaxy Tab is Samsung’s long running series of higher-end tablets, and has been selling very well over the years. This is formally the 2018 model that (like the iPad) scores nicely on nearly all of our tests, including important metrics such as screen quality and portability. When you are searching for a more costly Android tablet, this is your best option.

This 2018 model works much better compared to its 2019 version, the Galaxy Tab S5e. According to our tests, the S5e has an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity. When the tablet is held horizontally the signal weakens, likely due to how the antennas are set up internally. However, the S5e remains a great tablet.

Lenovo Tab 4 8

Lenovo Tab 4 8

This 8-inch tablet did not crack the recommended list of ours, but it scored moderately well as opposed to the iPad Mini. With marked down price, it is very good value for consumers who are considering purchasing an Android model.

The screen creates accurate colors and stays visible under bright light, the battery lasts over 15 hours, and it performs basic functions like exploring the internet and streaming video with no slowdowns in performance. The built-in camera, however, is much less remarkable, producing photos with abnormal colors.

Before you purchase a tablet, always consider its unique requirements. There is simply no time shelling out oodles of money for a high-end tablet with an electronic stylus when all you need is something to watch TV on, or to distract the children during extended journeys. The additional investment will only be worthwhile if you are a designer or plan to utilize it for work/school. If you simply need something to read on, stay away from tablets completely and simply purchase an e-reader.

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