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4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Living Longer

Getting a new phone is exciting! Learning what it can do for you and how best to use it is a process you should enjoy. But from the start, you need to take good care of your device to prevent yourself from spending more money trying to fix it or find a replacement. Likewise, with growing rates of e-waste, you must take the necessary steps to increase your tech’s longevity. You don’t want your phone added to the mix of landfill waste, so try these top tips to give your device a longer lifespan!

4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Living Longer

1. Get A Case

Protecting your tech is a must if you want to keep it going for as long as possible. Unnecessary breaks won’t just cost you short term but could also damage your tech internally. So it’s best to invest in a sturdy, functional case that will save you money long-term. 

Exciting new developments in cases, such as the charging phone case, protect your device with no cost to the aesthetic design and have the added benefit of a case powering your phone. Especially good for those who are always on the move, charging cases are an excellent solution for work and play. 

2. Keep Out Of The Sun 

Keeping your tech out of the sun and away from heat is crucial, as an overheated smartphone could damage its inner or outer tech. From data loss or corrosion to permanently slowing down your cell, heat can cause real, long-lasting problems. And should heat cause battery leakage, it could also compromise your safety. 

It’s important to follow guidance on how to avoid heat exposure. While this guidance may seem obvious or simple, it’s essential to remain aware. By being conscious of the dangers, you can give your device a little more juice. 

3. Keep It Well Charged

Keeping your battery topped up is another easy way to increase your phone’s lifespan. If you charge your device incorrectly, you might drain the tech’s battery. Over time, this will lessen your battery and, thereby, your phone’s life. 

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wait for your battery to die before fully recharging. Keeping your battery over 50% would be best to prolong healthy battery life. While this does mean keeping an eye on your phone’s status, you won’t have to carry a charger with you if you invest in a charging device case!

4. Clean It Out 

A thorough clean can help prevent your tech from becoming an e-waste statistic.

Be sure to clean out any crumbs, dust, or debris from inside the ports. To get a good view, use a flashlight, then take a small thin object, like a sewing needle, to remove the debris. Removing your case and regularly wiping your tech is also suitable for removing unwanted dust.

Final Thoughts

For the sake of your bank account and the planet, keep your device safe and clean. Following these four tips will increase longevity and keep you from unwanted damage!

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