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5th Gen Intel Broadwell Processors Release Date for Z97 and H97 Motherboards Revealed

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A few days ago, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, promised that the new and upcoming 5th Generation Intel Broadwell processors will be available this coming holiday season, or this coming November/December holiday season. This is the time when lots of people usually buy stuff due to sales and discounts. But these Broadwell processors are for PC manufacturers like Asus, Samsung, Dell and etc to be used in their pre-built computers or in laptops and Ultrabooks. So when is the Intel Broadwell CPUs for desktop going to be released? Check out below.

5th gen intel broadwell processors for desktop release date

UPDATE: 5th Gen Intel Broadwell-U series processors for AIO desktops, mini desktops, mobile devices, and the likes has been revealed. Check out what’s new here.

Intel Broadwell Release Date For Desktop PC

The Chinese VR-Zone site has recently revealed a schedule regarding Intel’s plan for their next generation 14nm Broadwell processors. According to the leaked schedule, Intel will start rolling out the Broadwell Y and U series to the different PC manufacturers towards Q3-Q4 of this year 2014. The Broadwell Y series or extremely low power CPUs are usually used in small or mobiles devices that don’t need a CPU fan cooler and consumes “extremely lower power”. Meanwhile the U series or Ultra-low power CPUs are usually used in Ultrabooks or laptops. So expect that we will be seeing Broadwell powered mobile devices towards the end of the year and early next year.

If you look at the table above, the Broadwell Y 2+2 platform will be released somewhere in week 37 to week 40 of 2014. Meanwhile, the U 2+2 platform will be released on week 42-47, or sometime in October to November. And finally the U 2+3 platform, the better Broadwell mobiles processors, is expected to be released by week 5 to 10 of 2015, that is somewhere in February 2015.

How about the Intel Broadwell processors for the desktop PC, or for the Z97 and ZH97 motherboards that were recently released in the market? Unfortunately for PC enthusiasts and System builders, we will have to wait for one more year (starting today), since the BDW-H 4+3e LGA platform will be released by week 21 to week 26 of 2015, or somewhere in June of 2015.

This means that we won’t be seeing Broadwell processors for desktop PC for another year. And if you are going to buy the upcoming Intel Core i7-4790K or Core i5-4690K this June, you will have 1 year to enjoy the processors until the next generation 14nm CPUs comes out. For those who are going to buy a Z97 or H97 based motherboard anytime soon, don’t you worry because the 5th Gen. Broadwell processors are fully compatible with the Intel 9 series motherboards. Unfortunately for 8 series motherboard users, they may no longer be backwards compatible.

5th gen intel broadwell with iris pro release date

The upcoming 5th generation Intel Broadwell processors are based on a 14nm fab process and is expected to be more power efficient, but more powerful than the current 4th gen. Haswell and Haswell Refresh processors. Broadwell processors for desktops are also expected to feature the Intel Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics processor, which is supposed to have a significant improvement compared to the current Intel HD Graphics 4000 series.

Expect more news about the Intel’s 5th generation processors to come in the following weeks. Hopefully we will have more information about it during Computex or in futures events this year.

UPDATE: A new information regarding the upcoming Intel Broadwell processors were leaked. See Intel Broadwell K, Broadwell-E and Skylake Release Date Revealed in Leaked Intel Roadmap

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