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5th Generation Intel Broadwell-U Processor Line-up Released – Features 14nm Die and More

Intel recently revealed their new family of processors, featuring a new 14nm process node – the 5th Generation Intel Broadwell-U processors. Intel has 10 new 15w processors with built-in Intel HD Graphics, and 4 new 28w processors with Intel Iris Graphics. A few months ago, Intel introduced the Broadwell-Y designed for mobile applications, usually laptops and notebook. Now we are looking at the new Broadwell-U processors that will replace the Haswell and Haswell Refresh processors that are currently powering AIO desktops, mini desktops, (workstation) laptops, notebooks and the likes. The Broadwell-U series features the latest 2nd generation Tri-Gate transistor technology, delivering better performance and more power efficiency.

5th gen intel broadwell-u processor die

5th Generation Intel Broadwell-U CPU Features

The 5th Gen Intel Broadwell Core processor has a die size 37% smaller compared to that of the 4th generation. And thanks to the new 14nm technology, Intel was able to fit in 35% more transistors in the processors. A 5th Gen core processor has now 1.9 billion transistors within them. This leads to 22% better 3D graphics performance, 50% faster video conversion, 4% better productivity and 1.5hr longer battery life which is applicable for mobile devices.

5th gen intel broadwell 14nm finfet technology 5th gen intel broadwell-u CPU improvements

Aside from the physical improvement in the 5th Gen Core processors, Intel has also managed to include several new features that new generation of mobiles devices and AIO devices would benefit. It features Advanced Power Management technologies such as PCH I/O Intelligent Throttling and Dynamic Power and Thermal Framework. It also features the new Intel Smart Sound Technology with Wake on Voice, Post Processing Support and helps reduce power consumption. It now supports, not only MP3/ACC decoding, but Wave and DTS post processing as well.

5th gen intel broadwell-u PHC architecture what is intel smart sound technology

Intel also introduced its latest WiDi v5.1 which is optimized for 5th Gen Intel Broadwell and Intel Core M processors. Some of its new features are support for display resolution up to 4K, bundles Intel WiDi remote for easy dual-screen management, DX9/DX11 full screen game formats supported and business oriented capabilities like security, manageability, user privacy and presenter controls.

Intel HD Graphics 5500 6000 and Iris Pro 6100 Intel WiDi with 5th Gen Broadwell

The new 5th Gen Intel Broadwell processors will feature new and more powerful integrated graphics processors, namely: Intel HD Graphics 5500 and HD Graphics 6000, and Intel Iris Graphics 6100. The new integrated GPUs supports DirectX 11.2, DirectX 12 Ready, OpenGL 4.3, OpenCL 2.0, and 4K UltraHD (even over Wireless Display*). It also supports new enhanced media decode for VP8, VP9 and HEVC. It also features Intel QuickSync Video, Intel Clear Video HD Technology and Intel WiDi.

5th Gen Intel Broadwell amazing performance 5th gen intel broadwell more immersive

Aside from improved graphics processing and longer battery life, Intel is also making PC more immersive by adding Senses to PC. Intel adds natural interactions with the Intel RealSense Technology. It’s a revolutionary new way to interact with Intel processor-based devices. Devices with Intel RealSense can see in 3D and can do 3D scan. You can capture 3D objects (even people) and can be edited, shared or do 3D printing. With Intel RealSense objects can be separated from backgrounds in real-time and capture the depth and shape of objects. I think the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro notebook is one of the first notebooks to have this kind of feature.

Intel RealSense Tenchnology

Below are more slides showing more features and what to expect from 5th Gen Intel Broadwell processors and from devices powered by the new processor.

Intel 5th Gen Broadwell Processor SKU Detail

Now let’s meet the entire family of the new Broadwell-U processors. First, let’s take a look at the 15W SKUs. These processors features 2 cores with 4 threads and comes with either Intel HD Graphics 5500 or HD 6000. You won’t be seeing these processors easy since these are the CPUs that are soldered onto the motherboard. Laptops, notebooks and other mobile devices will mostly have these CPUs.

5th gen intel broadwell-u SKU 01
5th gen intel broadwell-u SKU 02

Next are the more powerful 28W 5th Gen Intel Broadwell-U processors. These processors also feature 2 cores and 4 threads, and are also soldered onto the motherboard. But they come with a more powerful Intel Iris Graphics 6100 integrated graphics processor.

5th gen intel broadwell-u SKU 03

How About Broadwell-K Series?

The much awaited high performance Intel 5th Gen Broadwell-K series, which will replace Haswell-K and Devils Canyon will be released sometime in mid-2015. The upcoming Broadwell-K will feature Iris Pro graphics and wattage of 45W and above. Of course, expect that there will be more improvements compared to its predecessors, not only in terms of performance, but in features as well similar with the Broadwell-U series.

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