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64GB VIPER 4 Blackout DDR4 Memory Kits Released

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Patriot’s Viper Gaming recently launched their 32GB memory module kits for their VIPER 4 BLACKOUT DDR4 Memory series. The Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 features an all-black color theme, and is designed to offer video content creators the ability to equip their systems with more memory. Viper Gaming is also targeting the gaming segment, but I think 64GB of system memory is a little bit overkill for gaming purposes alone. If you are interested in an all-black no (RGB) lighting, just a simply clean and sleek-looking DDR4 memory module, check more details below.

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 Memory-02

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series 64GB DDR4 Memory Kits Now Available

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout series features black sides and black top fins. This design isn’t actually new. We reviewed the Patriot Viper 4 DDR4 memory many years ago, and it basically looks the same, just in different color.

This new Viper 4 Blackout memory kits are said to be tested across the latest Intel and AMD series motherboards, ensuring fast performance. Patriot Viper Gaming didn’t specifically mention if it would be compatible with the latest Z490 motherboards and the upcoming AMD B550 motherboards, but I am inclined to believe that this kit will be compatible.

The new 64GB memory kits also features XMP 2.0 that will automatically overclock them to 3000MHz, 3200MHz or 3600MHz; depending on the kit. The aluminum heat spreader offers faster heat dissipation and if this has the same design as the original Viper 4; I think the “fins” can be removed turning it into a low-profile DDR4 memory.

“The VIPER 4 BLACKOUT DRAM is an award-winning series and has been highly recommended by mainstream PC hardware media last year. Influence from positive customer feedback from our 16GB kits encouraged us to expand the VIPER 4 BLACKOUT series to include a much larger 64GB kit,” said Roger Shinmoto, the Vice President of VIPER GAMING by PATRIOT™. “These new kits are not just stealthy in design for a system build, they are also a smart choice for those desperate to escalate their gaming performance to its maximum potential.”

“By popular demand, we’re thrilled to launch the VIPER 4 BLACKOUT DDR4 64GB (32GBX2) PERFORMANCE MEMORY DRAM Kits for those enthusiasts who are obsessed with maximizing hardware performance.”, said Aziz Saigal, Marketing Manager. ” In the second quarter of 2020, we will announce even more new additions to our performance memory lineup to fulfill the upgrade needs of all types of PC users and gamers.”

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 Memory Pricing and Availability

The new 64GB Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 memory kits are now available. It comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $284.99 for the 3000MHz; $289.99 for the 3200MHz; and $309.99 for the 3600MHz kit. The company is also offering a limited lifetime warranty for the said memory kit. Aside from the 64GB kits, it is also available in 16GB and 8GB memory kits. For latest pricing and availability, you can check them below:

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 latest pricing and where to buy:
64GB DDR4-3000MHz available on here or here
64GB DDR4-3200MHz available on here or here
64GB DDR4-3600MHz available on here or here

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout DDR4 64GB Specifications

Capacity64GB (2 x 32GB)
Base FrequencyPC4-17000 (2133MHz)
Base Timings15-15-15-36
Tested Frequency Profile 1PC4-24000 (3000MHz)PC4-25600 (3200MHz)PC4-28800 (3600MHz)
Tested Timings16-18-18-3616-18-18-3618-20-20-40
Tested Voltage for Profile 11.35V
FormatNON-ECC Unbuffered DIMM
Pin Out288-Pin
Dimensions0.28" (L) x 5.23" (W) x 1.68" (H)
Weight105 g
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