7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake Core Processors Announced – For Laptops and Mobile Devices

Intel announces their latest 7th generation Intel Core processors codenamed Kaby Lake. Don’t get too excited yet, as the first wave of Kaby Lake processors are for notebooks, Ultrabooks, 2 in 1s and other mobile devices. These are the U and Y series, like Core i7-7500U and i7-7Y75. These Core processors will feature TDPs from 4.5W to 15W and will have more than 100 designs this Q4 2016. A lot of the improvements, aside from processing power, are focused on the multimedia aspect. This includes 4K playback, gaming and multitasking. Meanwhile, Intel will release more Kaby Lake processors on January 2017 that are designed for enterprise, workstation, high end notebooks and desktop PCs. You can read more information about the 7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake U/Y processors from the official news below.


7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake CPU Die Diagram

7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake Core Processors Announced

Intel takes computing to the next level with the 7th Gen Intel Core processor family. The 7th Gen Intel Core processors are designed for the immersive Internet and built on a strong foundation of the Skylake microarchitecture. Intel’s latest 14 nm processors deliver more responsive performance than ever, fantastic entertainment and gaming, robust security, and even more natural, intuitive interactions with your PC. With incredible improvements that transform the viewing experience with 4K UHD videos, 360-degree videos , multiple video streams, and premium content playback, the 7th Gen Intel Core processors for mobile platforms enable a new way to enjoy the sharp and engaging content across a range of form factors.

Intel Kaby Lake New Media Engine

Intel scales 7th Gen Intel Core processors to a variety of PC designs at a wide range of price points, which may include features such as Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C single-wire connection, low power premium audio and hassle-free facial recognition such as Windows Hello. Users can also expect to see PC designs based on 7th Gen Intel Core processors with a variety of intuitive input options such as touch, voice, and stylus.

7th gen Intel Kaby Core CPU Graphics Overview 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake Spped Shift Technology

This means you can

  • Create : Beautify 1400 photos in one minute
  • Multitask : Combine multiple 4K UHD videos into a highlight reel in 4 minutes while shopping and watching a movie
  • Game : Play your favorite games, like Overwatch, on-the-go, in HD
  • The 7th Gen Intel Core processors enable mobile designs that will allow faster 4K UHD creation and watching and streaming of 4K UHD content longer
  • New HEVC 10-bit decode capability delivers smooth premium content playback up to 4K UHD
  • New VP9 decode capability allows power efficient smooth 4K UHD,4K 360-degree playback while multitasking
  • Quickly and effortlessly create, edit and share 4K UHD 360° video 8X faster compared to a 5-year-old PC
  • Enjoy up to 9.5 hours of 4K video playback

Key benefits of the 7th Gen Intel Core processor family for mobile and desktop PCs include:

Responsive Performance
7th Gen Intel Core processors utilize a power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance than previous generation processors. Web browsing is snappy and responsive with Intel Speed Shift Technology. On processors with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, performance and power is dynamically controlled – for cores and graphics – boosting performance precisely when it is needed, and saving energy when it counts. Both the Y-series and U-series processors support two cores and four threads with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT Technology), enabling compelling 2 in 1 designs and thin clamshells that achieve a unique balance between performance and mobility. PCs enabled with Microsoft Windows Modern Standby are able to wake immediately at the push of a button, so users don’t have to wait for their system to start up.

Rich, Immersive Experience
Intel HD Graphics deliver advanced performance and the new media engine for captivating visuals.3 With 7th Gen Intel Core processors, users can easily watch, create, edit,share and game. With the ability to view premium content up to 4K UHD from more vendors, the 7th Gen Intel Core processor family allows users to enjoy amazing and vibrant multimedia experiences on compatible displays. It also enables powerful photo and video editing, multiple video streams, 360-degree videos, and high-resolution video chat. In addition, users can play their favorite PC games on the go in HD with fluid, texture-rich graphics. Finally, thanks to our new media engine with power-efficient VP9 and HEVC 10-bit hardware acceleration, 4K viewing and content creation is significantly improved versus previous generation processors.

7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake Local 4K Video Playback

Simplicity and Convinience
Notebooks with the versatile Thunderbolt 3 technology, the USB-C that does it all, provide an incredible I/O experience. A single cable conveniently supports up to 40 Gbps transfer speeds, two 4K 60 Hz displays, system charging up to 100W, external graphics, and Thunderbolt networking to bolster productivity. More designs supporting touch, voice and stylus input, intuitive interaction becomes prevalent with 7th Gen Intel Core processors, enabling users to simplify their interactions and unleash their creativity. On notebooks with cameras supporting Windows Hello facial recognition, users are able to securely log into a PC and websites hassle free.

7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake 4K Video YouTube

Extended Battery Life
With the 7th Gen Intel Core processor family further improving power efficiency at a processor and platform level, 7th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems have longer battery life and can utilize smaller batteries to enable even thinner and lighter systems. Dedicated
hardware acceleration reduces power consumption dramatically, enabling 3X longer battery life during local 4K video playback. With the Y-processor family, 2 in 1s and clamshells are reimagined, enabling thin and fanless designs for ultra-mobility. On U-series processors, enhanced productivity and creativity are possible in increasingly slim form factors.

I/O Support
I/O in U and Y series 7th Gen Intel Core processors offers Gen 3 PCIe support, supporting higher data transfer rates of 8 GT/s versus 5 GT/s with PCIe Gen 2. The latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology supports NVMe PCIe x4 solid state drives and is capable of utilizing Gen 3 PCIe Speeds. The Intel Context Sensing SDK for the Intel Integrated Sensor Solution allows third-party software vendors to develop exciting sensor-enhanced applications.

7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake U/Y CPU Specifications

7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake Core U and Y Features

7th Gen Intel Core U-series package 7th Gen Intel Core U-series back

7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake Core U Series CPU Specs

7th Gen Intel Core Y-series package 7th Gen Intel Core Y-series back

7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake Core Y Series CPU Specs

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