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7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake CPU Specifications Leak – From Core i7-7700K down to Core i5-7400T

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The Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation core processors are the upcoming CPU lineup from the company. It’s (obviously) the successor to the current 6th gen. Intel Skylake processors. Recently, key specifications of some Kaby Lake processors were leaked from a Chinese site. The 7th gen. Intel Kaby Lake will feature the same LGA1151 CPU socket, making it compatible with the current 100 series motherboards (hopefully). The Core i7-7700K will be the flagship of the family featuring 4 cores, 8 threads, a core clock of 4.2GHz and a TDP of 95W. The Chinese site leaked partial specs of the Core i7-7700K down to Core i5-7400T. Check them out below.

7th gen. Intel kaby lake core i7 7700k specs

7th Gen. Intel Kaby Lake Desktop Processors Specs

The 7th gen. Intel Kaby Lake will feature 3 types of desktop processors. Most of you might be already familiar with this since Intel has been doing this for quite some time now. First, there’s the Intel “K” series Kaby Lake processors. These are the flagship CPUs and features unlock multipliers, meaning these are overclockable processors. Second are the standard or “S” processors; these are the lock counterparts of the K series. These standard processors cannot be overclock and usually features a slower core clock speed compared to the K series. They are also cheaper than the K series CPU. Finally, there’s the T series, or the low powered Intel processors. These T processors have the lowest TDP and lowest clocks speeds amongst the three.

The core clock you see from the table may be the base clock speed of the Kaby Lake processor, or it could be the boost clock speed. I hope it would be the base and Intel would surprise us with a (much) higher boost clock speed. Nevertheless, the Intel Kaby Lake processor looks like a Skylake processor with its “6” just replaced to “7”. Specs are similar with little difference in terms of core clock speed; feels like a refresh version.

For example, the Intel Core i7-7700K features 4 cores and 8 threads, same with the Core i7-6700K. Base core clock of the Core i7-6700K is 4GHz with a boost clock speed of 4.2GHz. If the 4.2GHz core clock speed of the Core i7-7700K as mentioned on the leaked specs above, is already the boost clock speed; then that wouldn’t be good at all since there are no changes.
I just hope that these new 7th gen. Intel Kaby Lake processors, specially the Core i7-7700K and Core i5-7600K would feature a better integrated GPU and set of features. Currently, there are no words yet regarding the prices of these new processors. But I’m guessing they would be priced similarly when Skylake processors where first released.

The 7th gen. Intel Kaby Lake processors are expected to be released in early 2017, most probably before or after AMD launched their new Zen processors. Again, at this point in time, the Kaby Lake processors should be compatible with the current 100 series motherboards (Z170 and etc) most probably via BIOS update. But who knows, Intel could require that the Kaby Lake would be exclusive for 200 series motherboards only, hopefully not.

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