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ADATA XPG V2 3100 Overclocking Memory Now Available – See Specs, Price and Where to Buy

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ADATA has unleashed one of its best overclocking memory modules – the ADATA XPG V2 3100, designed for 4th generation Intel Core processors and Z87 platforms. This memory is geared towards PC Enthusiast and system builders who loves to overclock their system. It is capable of running at 3100 MHz and can be overclocked directly using Extreme Memory Profile (XMP). Check out more details below as well as where you can buy one.

ADATA XPGV2 3100 GOLD specs

ADATA XPGV2 3100 reviews

The new ADATA XPG V2 3100, aside from having the ability to reach 3100MHz clock speeds, it can also achieve bandwidth speeds of up to 24,800 MB/s. It fully supports Intel XMP v1.3 and dual channel mode. It complies with JEDEC standards as well as RoHS. The XPG V2 3100 uses high quality 2oz 8-layer printed circuit boards and aluminum heat sink, effectively reducing the memory module temperature. It also features Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT) for heat dispersal. Its heat sink features a unique design and color that adds accent to your build, specially the gold heat spreader that perfectly matches any Asus Z87 motherboards.


Model nameSpeedSizeLatencyVoltageColor
DDR3-3100PC3-248004GB x 2CL12-14-14-361.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-3000PC3-240004GB x 2CL12-14-14-361.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2933PC3-234004GB x 2CL12-14-14-361.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2800PC3-224008GB x 2CL12-14-14-361.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2800PC3-224004GB x 2CL12-14-14-361.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2600PC3-208008GB x 2CL11-13-13-351.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2600PC3-208004GB x 2CL11-13-13-351.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2400PC3-192008GB x 2CL11-13-13-351.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-2400PC3-192004GB x 2CL11-13-13-351.65VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-1600PC3-128008GB x 2CL9-9-9-241.5VGOLD / Tungsten grey
DDR3-1600PC3-128004GB x 2CL9-9-9-241.5VGOLD / Tungsten grey

ADATA XPG V2 DDR3-3100 Amazon

Price and Where to Buy

The ADATA XPG V2 3100 is now available in popular online stores. Price starts at $89.99 up to $169.99 depending on the size. They come lifetime warranty. This memory has also been rated 5 out of 5 from customers who bought and reviewed it, truly a highly recommended product.

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