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Aerocool XPredator Avenger and XPredator X3 Avenger Looks Like Iron-Man Inspired PC Cases

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Aerocool Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of cooling fans, PC case and other gaming PC accessories, has recently introduced two new gaming PC cases – the Aerocool XPredator Avenger super tower case and the Aerocool XPredator X3 Avenger high mid tower case. If you are a fan of Marvel’s “The Avengers” or at least have seen that movie, you might be thinking that this case might have something to do with that movie. Well, it’s not actually a “Avenger” inspired PC case, but rather the case looks like an Iron-Man inspired PC case. One look at it, and I’m sure you will agree that this is an Iron-Man case. Check out its features, specifications, price and availability below.

aerocool xpredator avenger

Official Announcement from Aerocool

The Aerocool XPredator Avenger and XPredator X3 Avenger are part of the performance gaming system series PGS-B, aiming for ambitious Gamers. New Avenger models are bringing a really fresh and exciting color-mix to the PGS-B series. Compared to the usual models, which feature a mix of black and red as well as white and blue, new Avenger models are using a mix of the colors gold and red. This fancy color combination is not only used on the outside but has been well implemented on the inside as well.

Users requiring much space, will love the XPredator Avenger super tower, which offers compatibility to almost all possible mainboard form-factors, including ATX, Flex-ATX, µATX, E-ATX as well as XL-ATX! Slightly more compact XPredator X3 Avenger supports form-factors such as ITX, Micro-ATX and standard ATX. Both chassis provide much space for hard drives, solid state disks, bay accessories and optical drives. XPredator Avenger features six 5,25 inch bays, six bays for 3,5 and 2,5 inch hard drives and SSDs as well as one (external) 3,5 inch bay. In case of the XPredator X3 Avenger, up to eight 2,5 or 3,5 inch drives, three 5,25 inch drives, one additional (external) 3,5 inch drive can be easily mounted. Aerocool implemented one Hot Swap Slot on the outside front-panel of the XPredator X3 Avenger, which supports direct connection of 2,5 inch HDDs and SSDs. Both chassis are equipped with tool-free mechanisms and trays for the hard drive bays, allowing more fast and convenient mounting procedure.

Even in terms of cooling capabilities, no compromise has to be made. XPredator Avenger allows mounting of big CPU coo-lers with a total height of up to 18,5 cm and VGA cards with a total length of up to 33 cm. The midi tower XPredator X3 Avenger is offering much space for big CPU coolers with a height of up to 18,6 cm and high end VGA cards with a length of up to 31 cm. Plenty of room for water cooling systems and additional fans, a cable management system and pre-drilled holes for water-pipes are provided as well.

The very fresh design of the new Avenger models attracts attention, especially at LAN parties. A re-worked I/O panel is lo-cated in the center of the top panel of the XPredator Avenger, and brings some changes as well. Instead of three USB 2.0 and only one USB 3.0 ports, users have now access to two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. The Headphone and Mic jack as well as the eSATA port remain in the I/O panel. Both XPredator Avenger and XPredator X3 Avenger are supplied with a very use-ful two-channel fan controller, which is located in the I/O panel.

Aerocool XPredator Avenger Features

  • High Performance “Super Tower” for gamers and enthusiasts.
  • Solidly constructed chassis – The chassis is solidly constructed with 0.8mm and 1.0mm SECC Japanese steel.
  • Unique and Attractive Internal Color Combination – The XPredator “Avenger” edition is beautifully finished in all
    Red color with some parts high-lighted in BLACK color to make the case UNIQUE and stands out from the others.
  • High-End Graphic Card Support (up to 330mm) – Supports Longer high-end VGA cards up to 330mm.
  • High Expandability and Supports E-ATX and the latest XL-ATX MB such as Gigabyte’s latest GA-X58A-UD9 Motherboard – Supports 6 x 5.25″ external devices, 6 x HDDs (either SSD or 3.5″ HDDs or 2.5″ HDDs) and 1 x 3.5″ external device (with the converter provided) such as a Floppy drive or a Card Reader.
  • Ease of Installation – The XPredator case includes an array of advance features to enhance every stage of build. New innovative 5.25″, 3.5″ and PCI slot screw less designs make installing and swapping components an effortless process.
  • New innovative 5.25″, 3.5″ and PCI slot screw less designs make installing and swapping components an effortless process.
  • Easy Access Top I/O Ports w/ USB3.0 support – 3 sets of USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 Super Speed USB, Audio/Mic (AC 97 + HD audio) and E-SATA ports are located on the top panel for easy access.
  • Smart Cable Routing and Management – Cable routing holes are pre-drilled on the MB plate so users can hide cables and wires behind the MB tray. These pre-drilled holes are also protected by high quality rubber to prevent damages to the cables.
  • Dust Protection – Includes removable bottom PSU dust filters to prevent dust entering your computer.
  • Mesh PCI cover – Includes Metal Mesh PCI covers for better ventilation.
  • Bottom PSU position – the bottom PSU location enables PSUs to suck in cold air and provide better air flow for your system.
  • Water-cooling Support – Quad water-cooling holes are pre-drilled to support water-cooling systems.
  • High End Cooler Support and Assembly – CPU hole is pre-drilled on the MB plate for simple cooler assembly and removable. The chassis can also support High End coolers up to 190mm in height.
  • Beautifully finished Transparent “Grey” Side Window with the option to install 4 x 12cm or 14cm fans!!
  • Superb Airflow and Performance – The XPredator case comes with 1 x 23cm Quad White LED front in-take fan, 1 x 23cm top exhaust fan, 1 x 12/14cm back exhaust fan (optional), 1 x 12/14cm bottom in-take fan (optional) and 4 x 12cm/14cm or 1 x 18/20cm in-take side panel fans (optional). In addition, 2 sets of fan controllers are provided to control these fans.
  • Rubber grommets for HDDs, case feet and PSU dampen vibration during system operation.

Aerocool XPredator Avenger Specifications

Case Type: Full Tower
Material: 1.0mm
Motherboards: Flex ATX / ATX / Micro ATX / E-ATX / XL-ATX
Chassis Dimensions: 600(H) x 234(W) x 555(D)
Drive Bays: 6 x 5.25″ (External) / 6 x HDDs (internal) / 1 x 3.5″ (External)
Expansion Slots: 10 Slots
Max length space available for PCI slots: 330mm
I/O Ports: 2 x USB 3.0 / 2 x USB 2.0 / e-SATA / Mic & headphone (AC97 & HD audio) / 2 x Fan Controls
Height limit for CPU coolers (Without side fan): 185mm

Aerocool XPredator X3 Avenger Features

  • Solidly constructed chassis interior (0.7mm SPCC).
  • Supports CPU cooler max. height up to 186mm(without fans on side panel).
  • Supports Long VGA Cards up to 310mm.
  • Includes 1 x 14cm Black fan at rear and 1 x 20cm LED fan in front.
  • Top panel flaps can be opened or closed to control air flow more efficiently.
  • Dust filter for PSU .
  • Includes 1 x external 2.5″ HDD docking on top panel for easy access.
  • Includes two fan controller knobs each controls fan/s up to 25W.
  • Install up to 9 fans!
  • Includes antivibration pads for HDDs and PSU.
  • Cable Routing Management holes with high-end rubber grommets to protect your cables.
  • Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removable of CPU cooler.
  • Support water cooling.
  • 2 x USB3.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from top panel.
  • USB3.0 and USB2.0 adapter included.

Aerocool XPredator X3 Avenger Specifications

Case Type: High Mid Tower
Material: 0.7/0.6 SPCC Steel
Motherboards: ITX/ATX/Micro ATX
Chassis Dimensions: 533mm (D) x 223mm (W) x 527mm (H)
Carton Dimension: 570mm (D) x 280mm (W) x 610mm (H)
Drive Bays: 3x 5.25″ (Expternal) / 8 x HDDs(Internal) / 1 x 3.5″ (External) +1 x 2.5″HDD Hot Swap Slot
Expansion Slots: 8 Slots
Max length space available for PCI slots: 310mm
I/O Ports: 2 x USB 3.0 / Audio+Mic / 2 x Fan Controller
Height limit for CPU coolers (Without side fan): 186mm

Price and Availability

The Avengers XPredator Avenger super tower has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 124.90 EUR or around $169.59 USD, while its little brother the XPredator X3 Avenger min-tower case has a MSRP of 104.90 EUR, or around $142.43 USD. Both gaming PC case will be available starting this week.

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