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AMD Radeon R9 280 On Its Way – See Specs, Price and Release Date

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AMD will also be releasing the AMD Radeon R9 280, their 6th Radeon R9 graphics card for desktop. Basically the Radeon R9 280 is the little brother of the R9 280X, just like the R9 290X with R9 290. It is based on a 28nm Tahiti Pro chip and has a configuration similar to that of the previous Radeon HD 7950. Most probably it will have a similar performance and will fill the gap between the R9 270X and R9 280X series.

amd radeon r9 280 specs, price release date

The AMD Radeon R9 280 is reported to feature 1,792 stream processors, 32 ROPs, 112 TMUs and a 3GB of GDDR5 with a memory interface of 384-bit memory interface. Sounds like the current GeForce GTX 760 will be the rival of this upcoming graphics card. The R9 280 might have a core clock speeds above 800MHz and 5GHz effective memory clock, with 224 GB/s memory bandwidth. It will also have a Thermal Power Design or TDP of not more than 200W.

On paper, the Radeon R9 280X SKU is $299. Although R9 280X from MSI, Asus, Sapphire and other brands are currently priced higher than that. The AMD Radeon R9 280 might be price in a sub $300 segment. Probably it would be around $250. Currently you can get a Radeon R9 280X for around $460 USD, and a Radeon R9 270X for around $300 and up. If prices will start to move down, it might have a chance that it will be priced around $300. If not, expect its price to be somewhere in between the R9 270X and R9 280.

According to WCCFTech, the Radeon R9 280 is expected to be released somewhere in June or third quarter of 2014.

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