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AMD Ryzen R5 1600X Benchmark Surfaced – (Alleged Benchmark)

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As February 28 / March 2 draw near each day, more and more information regarding the AMD Ryzen processors surface online. Recently, a Ryzen R5 1600X CPU-Z benchmark was leaked. The 1600X is a 6-core / 12-thread CPU with a base clock speed of 3.3GHz and a turbo speed of 3.7GHz. It also has 16MB of L3 cache, 95W TDP and is rumored to have a retail price of only $259 USD. The leak only shows the benchmark result from CPU-Z, a very basic and simple benchmark utility. But could give us a hint of idea how fast the R5 1600X is. Check it out below.

AMD Ryzen R5 1600K CPU-Z Benchmark Leaked

Upon close inspection of the image above, you can see the name AMD K17, code name Summit Ridge and 14nm fab process, indicating that this is the real thing (unless it was photoshoped). Core clock speed is running at around 3.4GHz with 6 cores and 12 threads. Next we have this other image showing a benchmark result from CPU-Z (see image below).

The result shows that the processor got 1888 score on single thread test and 12544 score on multi-thread score. I opened my CPU-Z and run a quick benchmark just to see how my i7-6700K fares with the processor shown above (see image below).

My 6700K got a single thread score of 2109 that is just a tad faster than the (alleged) R5 1600X. It’s no surprise since my CPU was running at 4.2GHz, while the alleged 1600X was running at around 3.4GHz (or probably 3.7GHz). On the multi-thread result, the Ryzen processor is the clear winner with a score of 12544 vs the 9313 of my i7-6700K. Take note that the 1600 X is cheaper at $259 making it the better deal. I’d understand if the guys below got the look on their faces when they saw the result.

I’m excited about the Ryzen, BUT I am also skeptical about the leaked R5 1600X benchmark result above. If you look and compare both leaked images carefully, you will notice both have different wallpaper background and have different language (one English and one on Chinese). This made me think that both were not running on the same machine, and the benchmark result might not be from an R5 1600X. If the score was really indeed the benchmark result of an R5 1600X, then that’s good. But again, take this with a grain of salt and let’s wait for real benchmark results.

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