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AMD Threadripper HEDT CPUs Detailed – Features 64 Lanes, Quad Channel DDR4 Memory and More

Today at Computex 2017, AMD has revealed more details about their new AMD Threadripper processors (Codenamed: Whitehaven). The new Threadripper lineup will feature up to 16 Cores and 32 threads, and a whopping 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes on all processors. Intel could be at disadvantage here, because even if their flagship CPU has two more cores, they only offer up to 44 PCIe lanes; and that’s not even across the board. Interestingly Intel didn’t disclosed yet the final number of PCIe lanes will the Core i9-7920X up to the flagship Core i9-7980XE have. Perhaps they are waiting AMD to show what they have first? One thing is for sure, AMD’s Threadripper and X399 platform will compete directly with Intel’s Core X processors and X299. More details below.

AMD Threadripper CPU Revealed

Aside from having 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes on all Threadripper CPUs, it will also support quad channel DDR4 memory, just like Intel’s X299 platform. It will also feature 16MB or 32MB of L3 cache (not exactly sure on that), will make use of socket TR4 and will become available this mid-2017. I’m sure it’s just around the corner since motherboard companies are already showcasing their X399 motherboards.

Now to make things clear, “Threadripper” is the brand name and “Whitehaven” is still the codename. The exact SKU models or the name of the individual processors are unofficial at this point. However, according to (previous) rumors, Threadrippier will have a 10-core CPUs, 12-core CPU, 14-core and 16-core CPUs. According to rumors as well, the name of these CPUs are as follows (starting from 10-core up to 16): 1955, 1955X, 1956, x1956X, 1976X, 1977, 1977X, 1998 and 1998X. Again these are rumors only / unconfirmed and unofficial. “1998X” does sound like an old processor from the year 1998.

If you have read about the Asus Zenith Extreme X399 motherboard for AMD’s Threadripper CPU, you’ll have an idea about the Threadripper’s set of features, capabilities and etc. What we don’t know yet is if the Threadripper will be a one die CPU or two Ryzen 7 processors placed together using AMD’s Infinity Fabric, just like what they did on their EPYC processors. But I’m leaning towards the idea that there are two “Ryzen 7” CPU inside.

AMD confirmed that their upcoming Radeon RX Vega graphics card will be released or announced at SIGGRAPH, between July 30 and August 3. The AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition will launch on June 27.

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