SteamOS Now Available for Download – Build Your Own Steam Machine

how to build your own steam machine

SteamOS just recently went live and Steam has opened it for the public to try and test it with their own Gaming PC. According to Steam, this SteamOS is the first public release of their Linux-based operating system which is based from Debian 7, codenamed Debian Wheezy. To build your own Steam Machine, the system …

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Windows 8.1 Update Error code: 0x80240031 – How to Fix It?

how to fix the Error code 0x80240031 while updating to Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was recently rolled out a couple of days ago, and you can now update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 for free. But just after a few hours/days of the release of the update, there are probably thousands of people (or even hundreds of thousands) who have the same question as I am …

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Valve SteamOS for PC Gamers Announced – Will Cost You Nothing!

valve steamos for pc

Valve recently announced their own operating system dedicated for PC gamers, called the SteamOS. People were expecting for Valve’s “Steambox”, instead they get an operating system where it turns your PC into a “Steambox”. Steam OS is based on Linux platform, it’s basically a heavily modified Debian Linux, where Valve removed all the non-essentials, and …

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Is Your PC Ready for Battlefield 4? Check out the System Requirements

battefield 4 system requirements

Just recently, the official PC system requirement of the upcoming FPS game, Battlefield 4, has been revealed. BF4’s system requirements reveals that most of the mainstream setup can very much handle the game, unlike with Crysis 3 that requires high end graphics card and processor just to enjoy its max settings. Check out the minimum …

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