Asus ARES III 8GB Dual Chip Hawaii Graphics Card On Its Way

Asus is planning to unleash the Asus ARES III 8GB a dual GPU graphics card based on the latest Hawaii chip. This is the company’s upcoming dual graphics card aside from the Asus MARS 760. But unlike the MARS 760, which is only powered by two mid-range GTX 760 GPUs, the Asus ARES III will likely be powered by two high end Hawaii chips. Check out more details below.

asus rog ares iii 8gb

Asus ARES III Dual GPU Rumored Specs

The Asus ARES III dual GPU graphics card will be powered by two Hawaii XT chips with 2816 stream processors, 176 texture mapping units and 64 ROPs doubled. A few months ago, it was reported that AMD is planning to release a dual GPU graphics processor called the AMD Radeon R9 290X X2 codenamed Vesuvius. There is a big possibility that the ARES III is Asus’ version of the Vesuvius.

The Asus ROG ARES III is also reported to feature a same custom built PCB that the ARES II has. The Ares II was a massive graphics card and it was the monster card back then. It will probably feature a closed loop hybrid liquid cooler just like the ARES II, since this card is expected to be very hot due to its high TDP. Most probably it will draw its power from a 6pin+8pin+8pin power connector as well, and is expected to handle extreme overclocking.


The Asus ARES III will feature an 8GB GDDR5 memory in a 512-bit memory interface. So far details or information regarding the ARES III is very limited, and most of them are speculations only. This monster card is expected to be unveiled at Computex 2014. It is also expected that the ARES III would be produced in limited numbers and will have an insanely high price tag.

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