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Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 Motherboard Review

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Packaging and Closer Look

Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-01 Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-03

The Asus Rampage V Extreme comes in a familiar ASUS ROG themed box. It’s bigger compared to your usual ATX motherboard box. Excuse the condition of the box, we only borrowed this unit. The brand new ones look better than the one you see above.

Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-05 Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-06
Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-04The packaging includes all the things you need to fully use the Rampage V. You get the X-socket kit that includes a backplate for LN2, SLI and CrossfireX bridges, lots of SATA cables, and various cables. You also get a detailed user guide, label stickers, and reading materials. A full list of the accessories included can be read from the specifications table on the previous page.

Aside from the typical accessories included in the box, you also get the OC Panel. The OC panel is very useful when overclocking your system, specially when you are doing some extreme overclocking. It gives you information regarding CPU temperature, fan speed, base clock speed, and many more. It features a 2.6-inch display and can be mounted on the front drive bay slot, or can be used as a standalone.

Asus has included everything that you need to fully maximize the potential of the Rampage V Extreme. All you need left are the rest of the components and a processor that can be overclocked well, and break some world record(s).

Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-07 Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-08

Above you see the front and rear view of the Rampage V Extreme. It’s all Black and Red giving it that dominant and sexy look. The chipset is cooled by a gorgeous looking heatsink and the top MOSFETs are cooled with heatsinks that are connected with a heatpipe.

Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-10 Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-09

The “Republic of Gamers” logo just below the socket lights up when the motherboard is turned on. Above you see a total of 8 DIMM slots supporting up to 64GB of memory, with speeds of up to 3300MHZ (OC). The Start, Reset and several other buttons and switcher are mostly located on the top right portion of the Rampage V Extreme.

A closer look on the OC socket shows that it has more pins compared to other X99 motherboards. Most of Asus X99 motherboards, like the Asus X99 Deluxe, have the same OC socket. The extra number of pins on the socket is said to help in the overclocking of the CPU. However, you also need a CPU that is potentially good when it comes to overclocking. Sometimes you might get unlucky and got a fully functional CPU but doesn’t overclock well compared to others.

Asus Maximus Rampage V Extreme Review-11

On the second half of the motherboard, you can see 4x red PCIE slots for the graphics cards. Another PCIE x16 slot (black) and a PCIE x1 slot are also present for expansion cards. The Asus Rampage V Extreme can support up to 16x / 8x / 8x / 8x multi-GPU configuration. However, you will also need a processor with 40 lanes, like the Intel Core i7-5960X processor. Honestly, I think if you are planning to buy this motherboard, you should pair it with the i7-5960X to maximize its potential.

At the top of the motherboard, you will see the regular 8-pin CPU power and another 4-pin to give additional power specially when overclocking. The second picture (middle) shows the rear I/O ports. Just look at all those USB 3.0 ports. Finally the third photo shows how many SATA ports this motherboard has. You can connect up to 12 storage drives (if SATA express is not in use), plus there is an M.2 slot for PCIE SSD as well, if you really want speed. Not that the M.2 slot is for PCIE based SSD only. M.2 SATA based SSD will not work on this motherboard.

On the next page, let’s take a look on the Asus Rampage V Extreme EUFI BIOS utility.

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