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Asus ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum is on its Way! – A Mid-Range card with High End Features

Asus will be releasing a highly optimized and improved GeForce GTX 760 variant, bringing high-end features to mid-range graphics card – the Asus ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum. I previously reviewed the Asus GTX 760 DirectCU II OC and was quite impressed and satisfied with its performance. Then there’s also the Asus ROG MARS 760 – a dual GTX 760 graphics card, offering performance near a GTX 870 Ti. Now Asus is bringing ROG features such as overclocking, better cooling system and the ROG-premium look to one of the best mid-range graphics card the GTX 760.

Asus ROG Striker TGX 760 Platinum

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The upcoming Asus ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum features a design similar to the recently unveiled Asus ROG GTX 780 Ti Platinum and R9 290X Platinum cards. The card is said to be 11-inch long and will have a 4GB memory, twice the size of the Asus GTX 760 DirectCU II OC variant. The ROG Striker GTX 760 will also feature a CoolTech fan, which is proven to be a more effective fan than the traditional one. It has four output ports namely: two DVI ports, an HDMI port and one DisplayPort 1.2. This card will most probably have a back plate support as well.

According to reports, the ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum will also feature Asus’ latest DiGi+ II power engine, with Super Alloy Power and other high quality ICs and chokes that we normally see on high-end ROG cards. The card is expected to draw its power from 6+6 pin power connector (instead of a single 6pin only), and a TDP of around 225W. Clocks speeds are unknown right now, but expect that it will have a higher base clock speed compared to the GTX 760 DirectCU II, and it will most probably be able to reach higher clock speeds than the regular GTX 760 as well. So far that’s all the information available right now.

Asus ROG Striker GTX 760 specs

This is great news for gamers who are on a budget. ROG cards or premium cards are usually expensive. But if the price/performance of this card is just right, I don’t see any reason why it would fail. I, for one, am looking forward to this card. Hopefully I will be able to review this when it becomes available. The ROG Striker GTX 760 Platinum could be that best GTX 760 there is.

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