Asus STRIX GTX 960 DirectCU II OC 2GB Review – A Maxwell’s Sweet Spot GPU


Asus STRIX GTX 960 Temperature

Now let’s take a look how cool or how hot the Asus STRIX GTX 960 is. I didn’t record the noise levels for two reasons: first I don’t have an accurate noise meter; second even when the fan was running at full load, the graphics card was still very silent and is inaudible specially if you have an enclosed case.

Idle Temperature
Asus Strix 960 idle temp

At this point, the fans are not running and the whole system is just idle and doing nothing. GPU usage is around 4% up to 31% only, meanwhile the GPU temperature is around 34° to 35° Celsius.

Load Temperature
Asus Strix 960 load temp

I ran Unigine Valley and you see from the screenshot above that the GPU is running 99% at most. The temperature also rose up to 62° Celsius, then the fans started to spin. The temperature then settled to around 52° Celsius when the fans started spinning.

Asus Strix GTX 960 Review-18

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