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Audeze Mobius Headphone Review – Is This The Best Gaming and Multimedia Headset?

AudezeHQ App Software

In order for you to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of the Audeze Mobius, you’ll need to download and install the Audeze HQ software. It’s compatible for Mac and Windows PC. With the Audeze HQ, you can control and set the 3D settings of the Mobius under the HRTF Personalization. Make sure to set the right head circumference, inter-aural arc and room ambiance to get the best result. Although you can also play with the settings depending on your preference.

You can also see from this menu the 3D mode, power indicator, battery indicator, mic indicator and USB connection indicator. I’m using the latest beta version by the way. The previous version doesn’t have the settings you see on the middle, where you can assign a key depending on the movement or position of your head. Think of it as macro keys, instead of pressing a key on the keyboard you trigger those keys by moving your head. Pretty cool right? This could be useful depending on the game that you are playing.

The sound profiles are the built-in DSP settings of the Mobius. Each sound profile sounds different and depending on your use, you might want to use the appropriate sound profile. For example, flat profile gives you a flat sounding audio, dull and seems a little bit dry, it’s basically flat. The default is Audeze’s in-house tuning and is their recommended setting for general use. To my ears it sounds definitely better than flat, however you may want to use the music profile if you are listening to music as it adds more warmth, and probably a bit of smoothness to the audio.

If you’re playing first person shooter, you might want to test the footsteps profile. Although, I personally do not use this as I find it better to use the default setting when playing Battlefield V. When I play FPS, I’m more focused on the display, rather than listening to the footsteps. The other modes are pretty much understandable. Set to ballistics if you want guns and firing bullets to be emphasized. Racing if you want the sound of an engine revving up to be emphasized or warm profile if you want more bass presence. I don’t quite get the RPG mode though, it does make the sound a bit different, but my ears prefer to stick with default or music profiles.

The last two menus are the device information and firmware update. Now let’s proceed to the next page for my subjective listening experience.

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