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Avexir RAIDEN DDR3 Memory Series Unleashed – Features Lightning Tubes!

Avexir is known to manufacture high quality, high performance and overclockable DDR3 and DDR4 memory kit. The company is famous for their Core and Blitz 1.1 memory kit featuring LED lighting effects that adds eye candy to your system. Recently, the company revealed their latest creation – the Avexir RAIDEN DDR3 memory series. If I am not mistaken, we saw early leaks late last year, but everything was just a teaser. Now, it’s official and it won’t be long until we see one in action. The initial details are for DDR3 memory kit only, but the company will also be releasing DDR4 memory kits as well. Check out more details about the new Avexir RAIDEN below.

Avexir Raiden DDR3 Memory Kit

Avexir RAIDEN DDR3 Features

The Avexir Raiden series is a high performance DDR3 gaming memory module. It features world exclusive patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect for gamers who seek true stimulation and real excitement.

These high quality memory modules are built for your confidence which passed 16 hand-picked AIST (Avexir Ic Sorting Technology) processes and 14 memory module functional, burn in, and compatibility tests for Intel chipset 7, 8, and 9 series motherboards. AVEXIR built top level specification of Raiden series by using 8 layers performance optimized design printed circuit board and industrial grade resistors and capacitors. It also supports Intel XMP technology, where you could easily setup the Avexir Raiden series memory to rated speed with zero hassle factor.

Avexir Raiden DDR3 Memory Avexir Raiden DDR4 Memory Kit

  • Exclusive patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect
  • 8 layers performance optimized design printed circuit board
  • Exquisite packaging
  • Support XMP
  • Hand picked AIST(AVEXIR IC Sorting Technology)
  • Golden Finger Protector

Avexir Raiden Specifications
Avexir Raiden Features

Avexir RAIDEN DDR3 Specifications

Part NoSpeed (MHz)Capacity (GB)Timing (CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS)Bandwidth (MB/s)Voltage (V)Lightening (Color)
AVD3U18660904G-2RDDDR3-18664GB x29-10-9-28PC3-149001.5VBlue
AVD3U18660908G-2RDDDR3-18668GB x29-10-9-28PC3-149001.5VBlue
AVD3U24001004G-2RDDDR3-24004GB x210-12-12-31PC3-192001.65VBlue
AVD3U24001008G-2RDDDR3-24008GB x210-12-12-31PC3-192001.65VBlue
AVD3U18660904G-4RDDDR3-18664GB x49-10-9-28PC3-149001.5VBlue
AVD3U18660908G-4RDDDR3-18668GB x49-10-9-28PC3-149001.5VBlue
AVD3U24001004G-4RDDDR3-24004GB x410-12-12-31PC3-192001.65VBlue
AVD3U24001008G-4RDDDR3-24008GB x410-12-12-31PC3-192001.65VBlue

As of today, there are no words yet as to when will we see these memory kits in store shelves as well as their respective prices. But I am expecting this to have a higher price tag than the Blitz 1.1 memory kits.

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