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Avexir Raiden DDR4 Memory Review – The Memory with Lightning Effect

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Packaging and Closer Look

Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-07
Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-05 Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-08
Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-06 Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-09

The Avexir Raiden DDR4 memory kit sent to us came in a nice white box. The box is quite large for a 4 stick memory kit, but the company has managed to pack the memory sticks elegantly. The box is simple yet doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. Flipping the top cover or tab reveals some features of the Raiden Series, as you can see from the top right photo above, and you also get a view of the memory sticks through the window. By the way, the DDR3 and DDR4 variants have the same packaging, as far as I know.

Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-14 Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-15

Right out of the box, each Avexir Raiden DDR4 memory sticks have Golden Finger Protectors to prevent the gold fingers from getting damaged. The Black/Blue angular stripes on the sides are also covered with a transparent protective coating that can be easily peeled off. It protects the blue/black stripes from scratches.

Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-17 Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-13

The Avexir Raiden is taller and a little bit longer compared to your typical memory stick with a heatsink, not to mention a tad thicker as well. It measures 14.2cm in length, 6.3cm in height and 0.9cm in width. Majority of the material covering the memory stick is made of plastic. Underneath the covering is a layer of aluminum that cools the memory’s ICs.

Since the Raiden series is somewhat taller, you may be having issues with the CPU cooler clearance, specially if you are using a large CPU heatsink, like the Noctua NH-D14 or similar CPU air coolers. However, if you are using an AIO or custom water cooling system then you won’t be having any problems with clearance issues.

Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-12 Avexir Raiden DDR4-2800 16GB Review-16

The stylish black material that is slightly covering the tube is also made of plastic. The tube itself feels and looks like it’s a glass. I don’t have actual photos of what’s underneath the covering since it is fairly difficult to remove the cover and/or the heatsink. I didn’t push through in dismantling the Raiden since I do not want to damage it in the process.

If you visit the Raiden Series’ page on Avexir’s site, it says that the tube is upgradeable. If so, this means that it’s also removable. However, aside from the difficulty of removing the heatsink, I don’t see any place where you can buy a replacement or upgrade tube for the Raiden.

Below are images of how the Avexir Raiden DDR4 memory stick looks like underneath. These photos can be seen from Avexir’s site as well. Notice that there are two PCB, one is the DDR4 memory itself and the other is for the plasma tube for its lightning effect.

Avexir Raiden DDR4 Specifications
Avexir Raiden Features

Here’s a video on how the Avexir Raiden’s lightning tube looks like when installed and running.

When I installed the Raiden DDR4 on my test system for the first time, two of the tubes didn’t lit immediately. I thought they were damaged or something, but after a few seconds the tubes started to produce the lightning effect. That only happened during the first time I installed the memory on the motherboard. After that, everything seems to be working properly.

I would also like to add that the Avexir Raiden DDR4 emits some noise or sound. The sound produced is somewhat similar to a (loud) coil whine coming from a graphics card. I asked Avexir if this was normal, and they told me that it was normal. The noise isn’t that irritating or loud at all. If you have a closed CPU case, chances are you won’t hear it at all. However, in my case, since I am using the DimasTech open test bench, I can hear the sound coming from the Raiden DDR4 memory.

Now let’s proceed to the next page and let’s see how it performs on our test systems.

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