Battlefield 1 PC Graphics Benchmark Review – What’s The Best Graphics Card for BF1?

Battlefield 1 Graphics Quality Comparison: Low, Medium, High, Ultra

Below are screenshots from two different scenarios from the game. These were taken during The Runner and Through Mud and Blood war stories. The first set of screenshots was taken right after Frederick Bishop landed on the shore. The setting is dawn and the original image was somewhat dark, so I have to slightly increase the brightness to reveal the details. These images are also in 4K resolution, click on the images for a larger view.


The ultra preset gives you the best possible visual experience that the game can offer. This will really put your graphics card to (hard) work. All visual effects are in full effect and you can see every detail in the game.


Honestly, I find that the high and ultra settings closely similar. You still get that great visual effects on high settings, only that it’s a little bit toned down. The increase on fps that you get from stepping down to high settings is not that significant actually.


On medium settings, there’s a noticeable difference and some of the visual effects are not in effect already.


On low settings, graphics quality is significantly reduced. Most visual effects are disabled and the difference is very noticeable. Barb wires and similar thin lines look pixilated or not rendered smoothly.

More Battlefield 1 in-game screenshots below. The order of the images is from ultra settings down to low graphics settings.

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