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Why is My Camera Not Working on My Android Phone | How to Fix Android Camera Error

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The camera in Android phones has the potential to be the most common application in our life. Selfies, landscape photos, video recordings, and learning materials are all inseparable from the camera. And you can even use your Android camera as webcam when meeting or remote learning.

However, the camera can not work due to some hardware problems. So why is my camera not working on my Android phone, and how to fix the Android camera error? Check the eight fixes on the page.

Android camera not working

1. Restart Android and Clear RAM

One of the easiest ways to fix camera errors is to reboot your phone immediately. Just like we choose to restart a computer when we face unknown problems. Sometimes it works because your phone will perform better by automatically clearing RAM (Random-access memory).

RAM is storage to hold data when you open apps. The more applications you have open, the slower your Android will run. So, it is great to use when an error happens, clearing useless data.

Press the power off button on the phone and restart it to clear RAM.

2. Clean Up Data (Cache and Gallery files)

Although you don’t want to choose “Delete” as your choice, your camera will indeed fail to start due to insufficient storage space.

How to Clear Cache and Data Files of Camera:

● Open Settings > Apps > You can directly search “Camera” on the search box.)
● Click Storage > Choose “Clear cache” or “Clear Data” on the bottom of the screen.
● Open Settings > Apps > Still choose Apps on the next screen.

Apps settings on Android

● Scroll down to click your Camera app.
● Choose Storage and you can see CLEAR CACHE or CLEAR DATA.

Clear data and cache on Android

If you want to recover your cache files from an SD card, you can use a third-party data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recover Wizard.

How to Clear Gallery Files in Android:

● Open Settings > Apps > Search Gallery on the search box and click on it.
● Select the Storage option, and you can see the CLEAR DATA option.
● Restart your Android phone.

Note: If your photos are very important and cannot be deleted, you can back up the photo data in advance to the usable USB of your Android phone.

3. Check Camera App Permission

When you download a new app on your device, the app will ask to access the camera app permissions. If your camera is not working, you can check your camera permissions and revoke access.

How to Revoke Access of Camera:

Step 1. Open Settings > Apps > Permission manger

Step 2. Click Permissions > Camera

Step 3. Tap apps to revoke access.

Camera permission manager

4. Force Stop Camera App

Fail to access the front and rear camera of an Android phone? You can force stop your app and run it again. Force stop works to fix app not responding problem while your device gets stuck.

Steps: Tap Settings > Apps > Manage Apps or Application Manager > Scroll down and tap the camera app > Choose Force Stop

Force stop Android camera

5. Check the Program That Is Using Camera

If your skip solution 3 about revoke camera permissions, you can turn off the third-party programs that using the camera recently. Or you can swipe to see your phone in the background to stop the running utilities.

6. Start Your Android Device in Safe Mode

Safe mode for android can temporarily run the default program and disable all third-party applications you have installed. In addition, you can use Safe Mode to remove temp files.

How to Turn On Safe Mode:

Step 1. Press the power button > Long press the “Power off” option when the Power option appears.

Step 2. In the pop window, click “OK” to reboot to safe mode.

Reboot Android to safe mode

7. Check System Update

If your camera failed to apply, you can check the system update on Android. You may miss some core updates.

Steps: Go to Settings > System & Update (The name may different on Samsung or Huawei, you can directly search system updates when launching Settings.) > Check the newest update

Check Android software update

8. Perform Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

If none of the above methods works, you can either try restoring the phone to factory reset or go to phone service for help. Performing a factory reset will erase all data on the current Android Phone. Make sure you’ve backed it up before resetting.

Steps: Open Settings > System (Or System & Updates) > Choose Reset (Generally, you can see the Backup option bundled with Reset.)

Factory reset Android phone

To Sum Up

This article rounds up commons-used possible solutions to revive your Android camera. I hope the eight methods are helpful for you to fix the Android camera. Share your ideas with us if you have some incredible techniques.

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