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Colorful GeForce GTX1080 iGame and X-TOP-8G Released

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Colorful releases their latest graphics card based on the new NVIDIA Pascal architecture, the Colorful GeForce GTX 1080 iGame and X-TOP-8G models. The Colorful iGame GTX1080 X-TOP is their flagship model featuring i-MSD or iGame Modular Structure Design, RGB lighting, new cooling fan and shroud, one-key overclocking, iGame Pure Power and Silver Plating Technology. More details from the official news below.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G

Colorful GeForce GTX1080 iGame Graphics Cards

Colorful is proud to announce the first custom-cooled GeForce GTX 1080 from the prestigious iGame series of gaming graphics card by Colorful. Based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, the Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G features the latest Pascal GPU architecture boasting a 16nm FinFET fabrication process for improved efficiency and performance.

The Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G is factory overclocked with up to 1847 MHz frequencies to push the GTX 1080 further for faster performance in today’s latest game. The new iGame cooler helps improve cooling potential thus allowing faster clock rates so you can game faster and cooler.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G-04

iGame-Modular Structure Design (i-MSD)
The Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G will feature the latest i-MSD cooling technology from Colorful. This innovative cooling technology separates the cooler into functional modules and appearance modules which has the PCB, cooling fins and rear plate integrated centering on the PCB. The rear-plate also reinforces the PCB which gives the card extra durability and negates deformation from stress and long usage.

The Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G’s integrated frame allows a modular design letting players customize and create their own DIY designs on the cooler case and back plate without changing the integrated frame. This reflects the special focus of the iGame series in player customization. More custom modules will be rolled-out in the future to further enhance the functionality of the Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G.

The new i-MSD cooler features improved alloy materials capable of increased thermal conductivity. An aerodynamic design improves airflow and gives excellent heat dissipation. Specially designed fans are positioned strategically and are designed with reinforcement to dampen vibration.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G-01 Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G-03

The Colorful iGame GTX1080 X-TOP will also feature customizable RGB lighting which can be controlled via the iGame-Zone software designed for iGame series graphics card which enables customization for color and lighting effects.

The new cooling fan on the Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G feature a three-piece grooved design with zigzag diversion lines on the edge for improved airflow and cooling efficiency with up to 30% increased air volume.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G-02

The iGame Series
Colorful created the iGame series taking feedback from players’ comments and suggestions to create a distinct product for every situation. The iGame series is Colorful’s specialized product segment made for gamers, both mainstream and extreme.

The card is clocked at 1708 MHz on the core and 1847 MHz on the boost frequency. Memory is default at 10 Gbps.

Here are actual photos of the Colorful GTX1080 iGame and X-TOP from Computex 2016.

Colorful GeForce GTX1080 iGame
Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G at Computex 2016

Colorful iGame GTX1080 X-TOP Specifications

Graphics Card Model Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G
GPU GeForce GTX 1080
GPU Code Name GP104
Manufacturing Process 16nm FinFET
Core Clock 1708-1847MHz
Memory Clock 10010MHz
Memory Size 8GB
Memory Bus Width 256Bit
Memory Type GDDR5X
DirectX / Shader Model DirectX 12
Max Resolution 7680×4320
Display Ports 3*DisPlayport 1.4+1*HDMI 2.0b+1*DVI
Power Connector 8+8pin
Cooling System Type 3xfan
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