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Cooler Master Unleashes CM Storm MECH Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master has recently unleashed their latest high end and customizable mechanical gaming keyboard, the CM Storm MECH mechanical gaming Keyboard. The CM Storm Mech features a premium Aluminum shell with embedded steal plate, glow lighting groove and indicators, and a powerful 32 bit 72 MHz rapid fire engine. Keys are programmable, and can store up to 75 macros and 5 profiles. It features 64 key roll over making sure that every key you hit gets registered, USB 3.0 ports for expansion and charging and audio/microphone ports. Users can choose from three different Cherry MX Switches – Green, Red and Brown. Check out more details below.

cooler master cm storm mech mechanical gaming keyboard

CM Storm Mech has High Bandwidth Gaming

Delivering the utmost quality in construction and features, the MECH mechanical keyboard features a powerful ARM based processor to run its Rapid Fire Engine. This helps the MECH take full advantage of its ability respond at high speeds to in game actions and record and edit not only macro keys, but profiles as well. MECH is equipped with the ability to store 5 easily accessible profiles while making up to 75 total macros available for multiple gaming needs.

Ultra low latency USB connectors and an integrated two port USB 3.0 hub ensure that the MECH and connected peripherals all operate at their full potential. A high-grade braided cable ensures that the keyboard and connected peripherals maintain a stable link to your PC. Utilizing its ultra fast processor and Super Speed USB 3.0 ports, MECH is capable of 64 KRO or activating and registering the actions of up to 64 keys simultaneously.

cm storm mech specs

Full LED backlighting awaits you on the MECH with three modes of operation and five brightness levels. With this, MECH keys will be visible while gaming in nearly any lighting level.

The CM Storm Mech is Designed by You

Built with a unique removable and customizable aluminum plate, MECH is the ultimate gamer’s mechanical keyboard. Whether it is providing that extra look of professionalism to your eSports team or matching your keyboard to your own style, MECH makes it simple to do. The included premium aluminum plate can be removed and replaced via a few screws.

Further customize your MECH by selecting from amongst the highest grade Cherry MX Mechanical switches. MECH integrates the most popular Blue, Red, or Brown switches into its different models and each switch is extremely durable and rated for a minimum of 50 million presses.

cm storm mech price

CM Storm Mech Mechanical Keyboard Specifications

Model Numbers:
SGK-7000-MBCL1-language (Blue switch)
SGK-7000-MBCM1-language (Brown switch)
SGK-7000-MBCR1-language (Red switch)
Key Switch: CHERRY MX Blue/ Brown/ Red
N Key Rollover: 64
Profiles: 5
Macro Key: 15 in each profile
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz/1ms
Backlight: All keys, 5 settings, 3 modes
Output: Dual USB 3.0 port and mini USB port for charging
Windows Key Lock: Yes
On-board Memory: 128k bytes
Media Keys: Yes (via F keys)
USB Cable: Removable
Dimensions (LxWxH): 553mm x 267mm x 43mm / 21.7 x 10.5 x 1.7 inches
Weight: 1686 g / 3.71 lbs
Application software: Yes, download it from CM Storm’s site

cm storm mech mechanical keyboard review

Price and Where to Buy

Currently, the price of the Cooler Master CM Storm Mech mechanical keyboard is not yet disclosed. Most probably it will be around $100 more or less depending on the Key Switch, and considering the features built in it. But knowing Cooler Master, they are not the type that overprices things.

Release date of the CM Storm MECH might be a few weeks or few months from now. I’ll post an update once official price has been disclosed, and when this product is available to order.

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