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Corsair AX1500i Full Modular PSU Features 80 Plus Titanium Certification – See Specs, Price and Release Date

Corsair’s next flagship Power Supply is the Corsair AX1500i featuring an eye popping 80 Plus Titanium Certification and a 1500 Watts capacity. The AX1500i made its debut at the International CES last January 2014. 80 Plus Gold modular power supplies are common nowadays, next are the 80 Plus Platinum, but there are only very few modular power supplies that has an 80 Plus Titanium certification on the market. Check out more details about the Corsair AX1500i below.

Corsair AX1500i Full Modular PSU 80 Plus Titanium Certification

Corsair AX1500i 80 Plus Titanium PSU

The Corsair AX1500i 80 Plus Titanium full modular power supply is most applicable in regions with 230V AC lines, but it was also tested to be equally working on a 115V AC line. This 80 Plus Titanium modular PSU was able to deliver 91.23% efficiency at 10% load, 92.63% efficiency at 20% load, 94.04% efficiency at 50% load, and 91.34$ efficiency at 100% load. It is also expected that it would perform around 2% more efficient when plugged in a 230V AC.

The Corsair AX1500i also features lots of connectivity options, and should be able to handle any high end graphics card, like the GTX 780 Ti or R9 290X, in a 4-way CrossFireX or SLI configurations without any problem. Since this is part of Corsair’s AXi series, it supports Corsair LINK offering a certain degree of control and monitoring.

The AX1500i is being cooled by a 140mm low-noise fan and features the same Silent Zero RPM Fan mode, fan will start to spin at 450W above load, as well as ultra-quiet operation even at full load. I’m sure there are a lot of PC enthusiasts, extreme system builders and overclockers who are very excited about the AX1500i.

The Corsair AX1500i 80 Plus Titanium has the following ports available:

  • 1x 24Pin ATX connector
  • 6x Peripheral and SATA power connector
  • 10x 6+2 PCI-E and 4+4 CPU power connector
  • 1x Comm Port
  • 1x USB Comm Port

Price and Availability / Release Date

The Corsair AX1500i is expected to have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $449.99 USD, and will become available sometime in second quarter of 2014. This 80 Plus Titanium PSU also includes a solid 7-year warranty. I’ll update this article or post a new one when it becomes available to order online.

UPDATE: The Corsair AX1500i is now available. This PSU has received a perfect 10 score from one of the most trusted power supply reviewer online – JonnyGuru.

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