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Corsair Hydro Series H100i and H115i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU Coolers Now Available

Corsair recently released a new line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers under the Hydro Series – the Corsair H100i and H115i RGB Platinum. The naming scheme is starting to get a little bit confusing; you definitely do not want to confuse these new liquid CPU coolers with the older H100i and H115i. These are the new “RGB Platinum” variants with RGB lighting on the 120mm / 140mm fans. The new H100i and H115i RGB Platinum also looks different, especially the CPU water / pump block section. However, it does look similar with the H100i / H115i PRO RGB series. Corsair’s liquid CPU cooler are good, and you can’t go wrong with these AIO. So if RGB is your thing and you’re in the market for a new CPU cooler, definitely check out more details below.

Corsair Hydro H100i and H115i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU Coolers

CORSAIR, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today launched the latest in its line of best-selling Hydro Series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, the CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM and CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM. The new pair of coolers take the Hydro Series to new heights in both cooling performance and dazzling RGB lighting across both the fans and pump head.

Each of the new entries in the acclaimed Hydro Series range is cooled by a pair of CORSAIR ML PRO Series RGB magnetic levitation PWM fans, delivering the superb airflow and high static pressure needed to cool today’s hottest CPUs. Thanks to the ultra-low friction of their magnetic bearings, they also generate less noise than traditional bearing fans even when spinning at higher RPMs. The H100i RGB PLATINUM comes equipped with two 120mm fans and a 240mm radiator, while the H115i RGB PLATINUM is cooled by two 140mm fans and a 280mm radiator.

As the first Hydro Series coolers to feature customizable RGB lighting on both the fans and the pump head, the H100i and H115i RGB PLATINUM take lighting to a brilliant new level with a whirlwind of color. 16 Individually addressable LEDs in the pump head and four in each fan combine for a total 24 RGB LEDs, heightening your system’s style while lowering its temperatures.

The Hydro Series PLATINUM coolers achieve their extraordinary performance thanks to a thermally optimized copper cold plate and precise PWM control over the fans. The H100i RGB PLATINUM can be set between 400 and 2,400 RPM, while the H115i RGB PLATINUM ranges between 400 and 2,000 RPM. In addition, the low-noise pump design, combined with Zero RPM cooling profiles that can stop the fans entirely at low temperatures, results in exceptionally quiet coolers that efficiently channel heat out of the CPU to the radiator without an excess of distracting noise.

CORSAIR iCUE software brings everything together in a single, easy-to-use interface for powerful control over all of the H100i and H115i RGB PLATINUM’s functions. iCUE allows users to directly control pump and fan speeds, creating custom cooling curves that automatically adjust based on a range of monitored system temperatures. iCUE also enables full customization of the Hydro Series RGB PLATINUM range’s 24 RGB LEDs, allowing you to dynamically change your RGB lighting based on your CPU temperature, or create brilliant lighting patterns and effects, synchronized across all of your CORSAIR iCUE-compatible components and peripherals.

With extreme cooling performance, detailed customization, and killer looks to match, the CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM and CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM set a new standard for all-in-one liquid CPU cooling.

Corsair Hydro H100i and H115i RGB Platinum Price and Availability

Both the Hydro H100i and H115i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU coolers are now available. The H100i RGB Platinum comes with a suggested retail price of $159.99; while the H115i RGB Platinum has a retail price of $169.99. Both AIO liquid CPU coolers are back by a five-year warranty and comes with Corsair worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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