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Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review with Cougar Speed Gaming Mouse Pad

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If you are a gamer, a good gaming mouse plays an important role towards your success in the games that you play. Not all gaming mouse are made alike. Usually it’s the unique features and design that sets them apart. Today we are going to look at and review the Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse, together with the Cougar Speed Gaming Mouse Pad. The Cougar 700M is an adjustable gaming mouse featuring a sturdy aluminum frame. Although it looks like it has an ambidextrous design, it’s basically for right handed users. Is the 700M the right fit for your hand? Find out in my review below.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review

The Cougar 700M features a solid aluminum chassis, making it possible for the mouse to become lighter at only 110g. For people who want a slightly heavier gaming mouse, it also features a weight cartridge. You can install up to four 4.5 gram metal weights, letting you to customize the mouse weight.

Most gaming mouse have their cable connected somewhere in between the right and left click buttons. The 700M features a Muzzle Brake SR an extended metal tube located in front of the left click button. This feature extends the durability of the cable during violent play and provides better flexibility of the cable for smoother motion

Like most gaming mouse out there, the Cougar 700M features multi-color profile backlighting, well “front-lighting” to be exact. You can choose 1 out of 16.8 million colors and set a unique color to profile.

Aside from the regular left and right buttons, scroll wheel button, it also features a dedicated “Fire button”, “45 degree Sniper button” and two more buttons for the thumb. It also features an anti-slip design with unique hexagonal pattern on the left and right panel for gripping, and provides optimal control to lift-off style gamers during game play.

Under the hood of the Cougar 700M gaming mouse is a 32-bit ARM processor and a 512KB on-board memory. You can store up to 8 programmable keys and save up to 3 separate profiles onboard. The 700M is also equipped with an ADNS-9800 high performance laser sensor, capable of reaching up to 8200 DPI, for accuracy cursor control.

Another key feature of the 700M is its adjustable palm rest which can be easily be raised or lowered just by turning the knob underneath the palm rest. Aside from being adjustable, it’s also interchangeable. There is an extra “sport mode” palm rest, it’s smaller than the default palm rest but it is rubber coated.

Features in a Gist:

  • 8 Programmable Button – Reassign command or macro to any one of 8 programmable buttons
  • Aero-Dynamical System – Keep your hand cool and Increase the flexibility of moving
  • Cougar UIX System – Integrated software combine COUGAR peripherals into one application
  • Cougar Fusion – It is a feature that allows COUGAR peripherals to interact together
  • 1000HZ Polling Rate / 1ms Response Time – 125Hz – 1000Hz USB rate fine-tuning
  • On-the-Fly DPI Adjustment – Quickly switch between different DPI settings on the go
  • 4-Stage DPI LED Display – Quick confirm DPI stage without moving the hand
  • Omron Micro Switches – Guaranteed 5 million clicks for the longest gaming life
  • Gaming-Grade Scroll Wheel – ALPS encoder and rubberized scroll wheel provide accurate tactile feedback
  • Gaming-Grade Mouse Feet – Best gliding performance and improve accuracy
  • Braided Cable and Golden-Plated USB Plug – Sturdy and durable solutions for gaming

Cougar 700M Specifications

Product nameCOUGAR 700M
SensorADNS-9800 Laser gaming sensor
Resolution8200 DPI
Processor32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
Game typeFPS / MMORPG / MOBA / RTS
Polling rate1000Hz / 1ms
On-board memory512KB
MaterialAluminum / Plastic
Programmable buttons8
SwitchingOMRON gaming switch
Profile LED backlight16.8 million colors
Frame rate12000 FPS
Maximum tracking speed150 IPS
Maximum acceleration30G
InterfaceGolden-plated USB plug
Cable length1.8m Braided
Dimension127(L) x 83(W) x 38(H) mm
Weight adjusting4pcs x 4.5g

Cougar Speed Gaming Mouse Pad Features and Specifications

High-Definition Texture Surface – High Definition texture design provides fast and extra smooth mouse sliding experience. Through the SPEED surface technology, gamer can enjoy the swiftness and smoothness that help them to bring on their fast and accurate movement.

Gamer Tested – The SPEED surface material was tested by all gamer under the intensive gaming-operate circumstance, the optimized surface ensures an accurate targeting and well reliability.

Optimized 4mm Thickness – The thicker mouse pad cushion brings the better pressure relief on user’s wrist, but too over thickness may cause some odd while switching between keyboard and mice. 4mm mouse pad cushion height can strike the balance between comfort and user friendly, and also match with the uneven desktop surface at the same time.

Right Angle Wave Structure Anti-Slip Rubber Base – Using the rubber material can enhance the power for mouse pad to grip on all kinds of desktop surface, and the combination of right angle structure and rubber can physically support the mouse pad against outer force from all different direction, and provide better stability.

Mouse Pad Edge Heated – The mouse pad applies localized edge heated process to increase the durability and brings the tidy fringe quality

Compatible For Laser/Optical Mice – Optimized for wild sensitivity settings and sensors, best match with high DPI mice.

Difference Sizes Available – To fit all gamers’ preference, we have multiple sizes (small, medium, large) available for different gaming environment and different gaming style.

Soft Cloth Material – The combination of cloth surface and rubber base makes to realize the high portability mouse pad.

Width (mm/inch)260 / 102.3320 / 125.9450 / 177.1
Length (mm/inch)210 / 82.6270 / 106.2400 / 157.4
Thickness (mm/inch)4 / 0.164 / 0.164 / 0.16
Surface MaterialPolyester FabricPolyester FabricPolyester Fabric
Surface ColorBlackBlackBlack
Base MaterialNature RubberNature RubberNature Rubber
Base ColorCOUGAR OrangeCOUGAR OrangeCOUGAR Orange

A Closer Look On Cougar 700M

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-02 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-01 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-03

The Cougar 700M comes in a nice and unique packaging. You get a full view of the 700M (except for the bottom portion) thanks to its transparent plastic covering.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-05 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-06

To get a hold of the mouse you will have to remove the top and bottom “cover”. Notice the iF Product Design Award?

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-04 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-08 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-07

Most of the features and specifications of the 700M can be read from the box itself.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-10 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-11

Included in the box are the manual and some Cougar stickers. There’s also an extra palm rest and four metal weights that weighs 4.5 grams each. The extra palm rest is rubber coated but it’s smaller than the default palm rest.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-26 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-27 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-25

The Cougar 700M looks like an ambidextrous gaming mouse but it’s basically designed for right handed users. Its aluminum chassis isn’t obvious from the top view, but you can clearly see it from underneath. Like most gaming mouse, it features a braided cable and gold-plated USB plug.

I asked people what they think of the design, some of them say it looks like a combination of Corsair and Thermaltake, while some say it’s like the RAT. Although it has some similarities with the RAT, the 700M is actually quite unique. What do you think?

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-24 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-23

Most of the weight is located on the left side portion of the mouse. Its cable extends right in front of the left click button instead of being located in front of the scroll wheel. Aside from the left click button, there is also a “Fire” button which I use as my easy double click button.  There’s also the usual Next and Back (or Forward and Backward) buttons on the sides, plus Cougar has added what they call the 45° Sniper Button. By default the 45° Sniper button doesn’t have any function assigned. You will have to set it from its software.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-33 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-32Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-28

The palm rest can be adjusted simply by turning the knob underneath it. The palm rest is also interchangeable. However I personally don’t want to use the smaller palm rest. I’ll get into that later.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-29 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-30 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-31

Just right next to the DPI switch button is where the weight management lies. I find the 700M somewhat light for me so I decided to put all the 4 additional metal weights.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-09 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-38 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-39

I was quite surprised to see the Cougar Speed gaming mouse pad in actual. The first thing that I noticed was its orange second layer. It grips well on the surface and it’s thicker compared to your usual mouse pad, thus offering cushion for your wrist. The surface is really good as well, smooth and clean.

Cougar 700M Software

700M Gaming Mouse Software-01 700M Gaming Mouse Software-05

The Cougar 700M software is easy to use and well organized. You can store up to 3 different profiles. You can also change the color of its LED lighting but sadly there is only one LED and that is located underneath the scroll wheel.

700M Gaming Mouse Software-02 700M Gaming Mouse Software-03 700M Gaming Mouse Software-04

All buttons are fully programmable and you can choose from basic, advanced or assign some macros. Remapping the buttons is very easy since you only need to drag and drop them.

Testing the Cougar 700M with Speed Mouse Pad

It’s time to test the Cougar 700M and play some games. I have been using the Cougar 700M for several weeks and I have to admit, the design looks really good and comes with the most common shortcut buttons that gamers are looking for. It did took me a few hours to adjust since I am used to larger gaming mouse.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-47 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-43 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review

I would suggest that you adjust the adjustable palm rest to your desired height. And it is best to set it either at its highest point or lowest point. I noticed that the adjustable palm rest tends to become wobbly if you set it half way.

Do note that this is my own subjective opinion, regarding the comfort. If you have smaller hands or palm it might fit you perfectly. Claw type users shouldn’t have any problem using the 700M.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-40 Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review-41

Performance wise, I do not have any problems at all. The mouse was very responsive and accurate. I didn’t encounter any acceleration issues so far during my test. I usually set my secondary left click button as the “double click”, and proves to be very useful specially if you are opening files or clicking links that requires you to double click.

If you are playing games sniper-type games or most of the popular FPS games that has the option for you to be steady, you’ll find the 45° Sniper button to be really useful. Instead of pressing several keys on your keyboard, you can just set the appropriate key on the 45° Sniper button and just press it whenever you need to snipe. This is basically what this button is for. But it’s not limited to sniping function alone. You can set other key function via the software depending on your usage.

The 700M works perfectly with the Cougar Speed gaming mouse pad. I just wish Cougar also released a rectangular version of the pad, for both keyboard and mouse.

By the way, notice the LED indicator near the palm rest section? 1 bar means that the DPI is set to its lowest settings while 4 bars means the DPI is set to its highest setting. The DPI can be adjusted via the software. I just wonder why Cougar used a single button to cycle through the DPI settings instead of using a dedicated up and down button. I think having two buttons would be better instead of a single one.

Price and Availability

The Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse is now available for only $69.99. If you are tired of the common black-theme gaming mouse, there is also a Silver/Orange variant for the same price. Personally, I would have requested the Silver/Orange if I knew it existed at the first place. The orange aluminum frame looks better in my opinion.

Cougar 700M Silver

Cougar 700M Review: Conclusion

After several weeks of using the Cougar 700M Gaming mouse with the Cougar Speed gaming mouse pad I have come to some conclusions regarding these products.

For the Speed gaming mouse pad, I don’t have any problems regarding its surface or thickness, in fact I find it to be just right. But I suggest you get the right size that would fit your setup on your desktop or table well. Bigger pad is not always the best option. The Speed Gaming mouse pad comes in three different sizes, so you have plenty of option.

As for the Cougar 700M, I don’t have any issues regarding its performance, neither its functions nor software. Remapping the buttons is easy thanks to its drag and drop interface.

When it comes to the design and comfort of the 700M, I think claw-type and fingertip users will benefit the 700M most. Palm type users will need to adjust the adjustable palm rest, that’s why it’s there at the first place.

If you have sweaty hands or a palm that gets hot easily due to the constant contact of your palm and the surface of the mouse, you might find its aero-dynamic design to your advantage. The space in between lets air flow easily.

Finally, it would be great if Cougar could find a way to place some LED lighting underneath the Cougar logo on the palm rest for eye candy.

At the end of the day, the Cougar 700M doesn’t only look good, but also performs great as well. No wonder it won the iF Product Design Award 2014. If you are an FPS gamer and you love to snipe a lot, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the 700M to you. No problem for claw type and fingertip grip users as well. For palm type users, you might need to adjust the palm rest to fit your desired height.

The Cougar 700M targets a specific group of gamers and is geared towards gamers who play first person shooter games. If you are in that category, the Cougar 700M gaming mouse is a great choice and investment. It would be much better if you can pair it with the Cougar 700K gaming keyboard (which I hope we could also review one soon), since they can work together via Fusion. For its features, design and functionality I give it The PC Enthusiast’s Highly Recommended Award.


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