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Criteria For An Ideal Online Game

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The sphere of online games remains one of the most popular among gamers. Players have always been interested in defeating other players in fair fights, competing in leveling, competing for the capture of territories, and exterminating faceless monsters. Today we will discuss the main aspects of the ideal MMO.


The number of simultaneously playing players has always been decisive in the status of an online game. Many gamers are always:

  • Competition for hunting zones and combat encounters
  • A living economy where literally any product, even the most insignificant, is relevant.
  • The selection of players for the raid takes a short time and even the rarest professions like a tank or a healer are found very quickly.
  • Large-scale battles for separate territories.
  • Clan and guild activities
  • live chat

The main feature of the online game is the liveliness effect. You can meet players in the pumping zones, crafting and gathering, fighting in PVP arenas.

When in any action in the game you can find an ally or an enemy in the face of another player, this is a good indicator.


In an online game, the economy is determined by the players themselves. They decide which products are hot and which are in short supply.

You can buy any available item from any player if you have enough gold.

If you want, you can buy WoW gold from other players, or shops if you know where to ask.

If you have the opportunity to buy or exchange almost any game item from other players, then the economy is working correctly. In some projects, due to the release of complex updates, developers are killing the economy with not far-sighted steps. As it happened with Lineage 2.

NC Soft undertook to process a lot of locations and significantly reduce the loss of gold and items. This led to a shortage in the market and increased the percentage of RMT in the game since it became almost impossible to achieve something honestly in the game.

In World of Warcraft, many game mechanics that bring gold remain working, so the WoW economy is more stable and enjoyable. It is much easier for a beginner to start their journey on a game server.


The whole point of any online game always comes down to PVP. For the sake of being able to compete in strength with other players, gamers spend hours and hours getting the best equipment and weapons. Craft jewelry, stock up on elixirs.

In the best games, PVP is given special attention. So that players do not get bored in the game should be:

  1. Siege Zones or Territory Battles – Clans and guilds should always be given an incentive to unite into large families to capture and defend large lands with the highest degree of ambition.
  2. PVP zones – places where players can fight each other alone or in a group. Group battles are especially interesting because they require not only good equipment, but also teamwork among the players.
  3. Arenas – Zones for battles sharpened for training. Run in your character, and try out skills. The arena in online games often plays an educational and entertaining role.
Criteria For An Ideal Online Game


The second most important degree of quality of online games. Not every player wants to realize their ambitions and become the strongest in PVP. For many, the ability to kill monsters alone, or with a group of friends, is the highest degree of relaxation.

To lure farm lovers into PVE, the components of the project should be:

Hunting zones – various zones with monsters and prey that can be sold or used in crafting.

Dungeons and dungeons are more difficult areas that require a group of people to play. The reward is always better, but the difficulty is also higher.

Gathering is an important aspect for collectors and miners. The ability to collect herbs for alchemy, or mining, will then be implemented in the forge. Many players love this. Extraction and collection diversify the gameplay, generate income, and just relax.


The criteria for selecting the perfect online game are almost always the same.

The game should be good online, so that each player finds an activity to his liking and does not face the emptiness of the world, because there are single players for this.

A well-thought-out economy is important for a live market inside the server. The ability to buy and sell any product speaks of the quality of the game and makes it easier for a beginner to start. There is also always a group of players who love to deal in gold by reselling goods.

PVP and PVE are the main features of the online game. The player should always have someone to fight with and where to farm. The more diverse the farm and PVE with different activities and the battle with other players, the more time the project will be at the top of popularity.

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