Crucial DDR4 Memory Announced! – 2x Faster, 2x Density and 20% Less Power

The age of the DDR3 is about to end, as the dawn of the DDR4 memory begins. Crucial has recently announced their upcoming DDR4 memory which is expected to be officially unveiled and released this coming December 2013. The year 2014 might be the beginning of DDR4 memory and if it is, expect to see new models of motherboard supporting DDR4 memory modules already. We might also be seeing motherboards that support both DDR3 and DDR4 modules. Crucial has released an infographic giving us an overview of what to expect from their upcoming DDR4 memory modules.

crucial ddr4 memory specs and performance

According to Crucial, their next generation DDR4 memories are designed to enable the next generation of enterprise and consumer products, Crucial DDR4 memory technology represents the future of computing. Moving beyond the outgrown limitations of DDR3 module architecture, Crucial DDR4 memory is engineered to pack more performance into your system and has the capability to double the available density per module. Crucial DDR4 modules will use up to 20% less voltage than previous technology, and will enable mainstream data rates that are at least twice as fast as DDR3 memory. With DDR4 memory in your system, get ready to process data twice as fast, load applications faster, experience quick snap responsiveness and increased ability to multitask. If you thought the tablets, ultrabooks, and desktops of today already seem fast — get ready to be blown away. The technology that enables electronics is about to get better and faster than ever before.

The DDR4 memory will have smaller die, making it possible for a single stick with 16GB capacity. Crucial has also listed a based memory speed of 2133MHz for their DDR4 modules with a voltage of only 1.2V. This is really exciting since there is a significant improvement in terms of speed, power consumption and density from DDR3 to DDR4. Expect that we might be seeing next generation motherboards and processors supporting DDR4 memory modules to be announced very soon as well.

Expect also that other manufacturers like Corsair, G.Skill and etc will also introduce their next generation DDR4 memory modules soon.

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