Crucial MX500 1TB and 500GB SSD Review – A Must Have SSD?

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Pricing and Availability

The Crucial MX500 SSD series are now available in US and UK. It comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $80 for the 250GB capacity; $135 for the 500GB; $260 for 1TB; and $500 for the 2TB capacity. All capacities come with a limited 5 year warranty from Crucial. To be exact, it’s 5 years or before reaching the maximum total bytes written (TBW) indicated on the product’s datasheet. SSD prices constantly changes from time to time, primarily due to competition, NAND availability, and demand and supply. Be sure to check out the links below for their latest pricing and availability.

Crucial MX500 SSD Series latest pricing and availability:
For US: available at, B&H Photo and here
For UK: available at Amazon UK here

Crucial MX500 1TB and 500GB SSD Review: Conclusion

Based on the results I got with the Crucial MX500 1TB and 500GB, I am quite impressed with the overall improvements of the MX series; just like what Crucial did with the BX series. In some benchmark tests, the MX500 SSDs were not always on top; however on the final test with PCMark 8 storage test, we’ve seen that it performs very well versus its predecessors and competition. We don’t have the 250GB version or the 2TB or the M.2 variant. But I’m guessing that the performance would be more or less similar regardless of the capacity or form factor of the MX500; this is thanks to Crucial’s implemented technology and recipe for this series.

In real world cases or scenarios, it’s quite difficult to tell or notice the difference at all. These MX series, BX series, Samsung’s EVO and PRO series and the rest of the top tier competition are close to each other when it comes to (real world) performance. It’s very difficult to tell which is faster unless you benchmark these SSD and compare the numbers. However, prices can easily be compared and in this case the MX500’s pricing is very attractive and competitive. It’s currently cheaper than Samsung’s popular EVO (850) series, making it a very good choice for the consumers.

Aside from the MX500’s attractive price and performance, it also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, integrated power loss immunity, adaptive thermal protection, data defense against data corruption, dynamic write acceleration, and you also get a free Acronis True Image HD software. The data protection, data encryption plus the 5-year warranty is what really attracts me; aside from the price and performance of course. You simply can’t go wrong with this SSD.

We’ve already hit the SATA6’s speed limit, and the only thing storage manufacturers can push further are the capacity, refined performance, price and set of features (for this generation of interface). NVMe PCIE SSDs are basically the next thing faster than the current SATA SSDs we see in the market. If you’re still using a hard drive for your operating system or for your game library, Crucial has the budget friendly BX series to get you started. And if that’s not enough, choose this new MX500 series for capacity, performance, data security and reliability. Like I said, you simply can’t go wrong with this new MX500 SSD series.

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