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Crucial P1 M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB and 500GB Review – Budget NVMe Is It Worth It?

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Crucial P1 M.2 NVME SSD ATTO Disk Benchmark Results

ATTO Disk Benchmark is a popular disk benchmark tool used to test hard drives, SSD drives, HBAs, RAID Adapters and Storage Controllers. It measures the storage systems performance with various transfer sizes and test lengths for reads and writes. Most of the time it returns the highest possible read/write speed compared to most benchmarking tools for storage. Below are the ATTO benchmark results I got with the Crucial P1 M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB and 500GB capacities:

Usually, storage companies use the results they got from ATTO to advertise the maximum read/write speeds of their product. In this case, the P1 1TB and 500GB capacities didn’t reach the advertised sequential read/write speeds. However, the sequential read/write speeds that I got is not far from the advertised speeds.

Crucial P1 M.2 NVME SSD AS SSD Benchmark Results

The AS SSD benchmark determines the performance of Solid State Drives (SSD). The tool contains six synthetic and three copy tests. The synthetic tests determine the sequential and random read and write performance of the SSD. These tests are carried out without using the operating system’s cache. In Sequential test the program measures how long it takes to read a 1 GB file to write respectively. 4K test the read and write performance is determined at random 4K blocks. These tests should represent the Native Command Queuing (NCQ). The additional compression test can measure the power of the SSD in response to compressibility of the data. This is especially for the controllers that use to increase the performance and life of the cell compression. Below are the results I got for the Crucial P1 1TB and 500GB capacities:

Again we see the 1TB offering a faster write performance compared to the 500GB, and a slightly faster read speed as well.

Crucial P1 M.2 NVMe SSD latest pricing and availability:
Crucial P1 500GB available on here
Crucial P1 1TB available on here
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