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Das Keyboard Division Zero Pro Gaming Gear Line Unleashed

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Das Keyboard, a company known for their mechanical keyboards, unleashed their new Division Zero Pro Gaming Gear line. Das Keyboard’s gaming gear line includes the Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming mechanical keyboard featuring an all-new Alpha-Zulu switches; and the Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming mouse featuring an ambidextrous design powered with a 6400 DPI 4G laser sensor. Check out more details from the official news below.

Das Keyboard Division Zero X40 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Das Keyboard Launches Division Zero Gaming Gear Line

Das Keyboard, the Austin, Texas-based mechanical keyboard company celebrated by geeks, gamers and typing enthusiasts for more than a decade, today unveiled Division Zero, a new brand and product line designed for the PC pro gaming and eSports community.

The Division Zero line includes the ultra-edgy X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse and related mouse accessories. All Division Zero hardware is equipped with metal detailing to increase durability and has a no-compromise design to provide users with an unmatched gaming experience.

According to Daniel Guermeur, founder and CEO of Das Keyboard: “At Das Keyboard we understand that winning is everything, so every detail in our Division Zero line of products was measured on its ability to take one’s gaming experience to the next level,”. “We also wanted to bring something different to gamers by arming them with badass, edgy equipment that inspires them to strive for total domination. Division Zero’s premium gaming products deliver a superior level of performance, durability and design for today’s competitive gamers who desire a new edge.”

Das Keyboard Division Zero X40 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-04
Das Keyboard Division Zero X40 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-01

Edgy, Durable and Customizable Gaming Keyboard
The Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is the only gaming keyboard with interchangeable metal top panels. It comes in four color options (red, olive, mustard and silver) and two different designs, allowing users to customize and deck out their gear before heading into battle. The X40 is the perfect keyboard for games that require a vast set of skills, such as World of Warcraft. With the programmable macros, for example, gamers can instantly attack an opponent with a one-shot macro or save a teammate with a quick targeted flash heal.

Featuring a durable combat-ready design, the X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard includes:

  • All-new Alpha-Zulu mechanical gaming switches developed by Das Keyboard with gold contacts and 1.7mm actuation for gaming-grade durability and speed
  • Sleek and interchangeable anodized aluminum top panels with exclusive “space camo” printed color scheme
  • Red backlighting for less eye strain in darkened gaming environments
  • 5 programmable macro keys for faster, more efficient gaming
  • Permanent full n-key rollover with anti-ghosting and multi-key press capability
  • Gaming mode control to easily enter a game environment, and also avoid accidentally being thrown back into desktop mode
  • USB 2.0 pass-through to conveniently connect a headset, storage device or anything else that makes a gaming setup more comfortable
  • Extra-long braided cable (2m, 6.5ft) to provide better cable management and keep the ultimate gaming space clean and organized

Das Keyboard ALPHA-ZULU Switches

A Faster, More Precise and Longer Lasting Mechanical Gaming Switch
Built to withstand the most intense marathon gaming sessions, the Division Zero X40 is equipped with newly designed Alpha-Zulu mechanical gaming switches that deliver lightning-fast precision and increased durability. Division Zero’s new Alpha-Zulu switches:

  • Were developed by Das Keyboard specifically for the X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
  • Deliver a faster response time due to a shorter 1.7mm actuation point, allowing gamers to stay one step ahead of the competition when every millisecond counts
  • Designed with advanced technology to improve the reliability and switch lifespan to 60 million keystrokes
  • Provide gamers with two options to match their preferred gaming style:
    • – The Alpha-Zulu Tactile Switch provides a soft, tactile bump halfway through a keypress. Perfect for fast-paced games, StarCraft II and OSU players can now fast-finger precise movements on their keyboards. At the heat of a battle, gamers can have up to 600 APM, and each of those clicks will bring them closer to victory.
    • – The Alpha-Zulu Linear Switch is more stealth-like and delivers a significantly quieter and smoother feel when pressing a key. It is constructed for games in which uninterrupted communication is critical, such as CS:GO, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends.

Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse

High Performance Gaming Mouse for eSports
As the ultimate gaming sidearm, Division Zero offers the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse with a sleek ambidextrous design, premium materials, metal components and other advanced features to help users easily overcome their opponents. Designed for gamers who enjoy full control over their game cursor, the M50 is ideal for precise control and timing-based games. In addition to the same stunning look and feel as its keyboard counterpart, the M50 sports:

  • Onboard memory and microprocessor to store up to 6 game profiles and individual settings
  • 9 programmable macros buttons to perform complex commands with a simple keystroke
  • 6400 DPI 4G laser sensor and on-the-fly adjustable DPI settings, enabling users to adapt tracking precision without interrupting game play
  • 4D tilt scroll wheel for greater movement and easier maneuvering during intense gaming sessions
  • Diecast aluminum shoe and ultra-quiet low-friction Teflon feet
  • Warp-speed gaming capability with primary buttons that support 300 clicks per minute, and enhanced durability featuring a 20 million click life cycle. Rapid-precise click executions are necessary for MOBA games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse-03 Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse-01

The Division Zero line also includes three mouse pad options — the 47W-Flex, Control, and Speed Mouse Pads — each built with extreme gamers in mind and designed to provide superior quality and versatility to match a user’s specific gaming style and mouse preferences. The Division Zero Mouse Bungee further enhances gaming speed by eliminating drag from the mouse cord — providing one final tactical advantage that enables battle-minded gamers to achieve certain victory.

Price and Availability

Das Keyboard’s Division Zero gaming gear is available in the U.S. at the following price points:

  • Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard – $149
  • Division Zero M50 Pro Gaming Mouse – $79
  • Division Zero 47W Mouse Pads – $19 (47W-Flex and Control), $29 (47W-Speed)
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