DEEPCOOL Captain 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review – Featuring Reactor-Like Water Block Design

Packaging and Closer Look

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-01
DeepCool Captain 360 Review-02

Above you see the front and rear view of the Captain 360’s box. Only a few information can be read and seen from the outer view of the box.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-03

The package includes pretty much everything you need to install the Deepcool Captain 360. The company also included a 4 slot PWM fan hub. Ideally, you should connect the three 120mm PWM fans in this hub so that all fans are controlled by a single PWM header on the motherboard.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-04 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-05

Above you see the front and rear view of the three GF120 120mm fans. These are the same black GF120 that are sold individually by the company. Well, except for the obvious color change to match the color of the water block of the Captain.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-06 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-07

One thing I like about this fan is that the black frame you see above is actually flexible. You can literally try to bend the frame and it feels like a sturdy or hard rubber. The good thing about this kind of design is that noise vibration caused by the fans are significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-08

Again, the Deepcool Captain 360 features a 360mm radiator. You will need a PC case or chassis that can support a 360mm radiator. Otherwise you won’t be able to install the Captain 360 at all. A 360 radiator is usually installed either on the top portion of the case, or in front of the case.

One thing that I didn’t like though is the type of tube used in the Captain 360. It’s a corrugated tube that is somewhat stiff and not that flexible compared to other AIO tubes I have tried and tested before. The length of the tube is around 12-inches long, which I think is a little bit short.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-09 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-10

The unique looking pump of the Gamer Storm Captain 360 is the real attraction of this cooler. It has this reactor-like looking design with a transparent tube sticking out.  The water really flows through that tube, and the direction of the flow is from the bottom going to the top of the water block. Deepcool calls this as the “visual liquid flow design”.

That’s not all, the steam punk inspired reactor looking water block has a red LED with a breathing effect. Unfortunately, there’s no way to control the LED effect on the Captain and you only get that breathing effect.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-11 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-12

I was a little bit worried about the fittings on this cooler, but it seems that the tubes are sealed properly. They can also be swiveled at a certain degree of angle. Out of the box, there is already a thermal paste applied on the copper base. The package doesn’t include an extra thermal compound, so I would recommend that you use a third party thermal compound instead.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-16
DeepCool Captain 360 Review-15

The 360mm radiator in quite long, specially if you are used to a 120mm or 240mm radiator. The Captain 360 has a slim type of radiator measuring only 27.8mm and it’s also not that heavy. This is a very common type of radiator and I’ve seen this kind of radiator used in other 120mm and 240mm AIO liquid CPU coolers.

Just a reminder, you have to be careful not to accidentally hit the aluminum fins, as they bend easily. Once the fins are bent, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to return them to their original state.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-14 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-13 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-17

Above are photos of the radiator at a closer angle. Notice that there is an inlet-like looking thing right next to the tubes. If I am not mistaken, it’s really an inlet for the water. But tampering it will void the warranty.

DeepCool Captain 360 Review-20 DeepCool Captain 360 Review-19

Installation of the Deepcool Captain 360 is fairly easy. The included installation guide is also easy to understand and follow. Above you see how the Deepcool Captain 360 would look like when the lights are turned on and turned off.

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