DEEPCOOL Captain 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review – Featuring Reactor-Like Water Block Design

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Price and Availability

The Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 360 AIO liquid CPU cooler is now widely available. At the time I posted this review, the Captain 360 has a retail price of $129.99 USD or £139.99. Of course the Captain 240 and Captain 120 are the cheaper options.

Deepcool Captain 360 Review: Conclusion

When the whole AIO liquid CPU cooler business became popular, almost every PC cooling manufacturer joined the bandwagon. Usually the price and performance are the determining factor. But we can’t deny that brand and aesthetics have become determining factors as well in choosing a CPU cooler. Deepcool might have not a strong branding compared to Corsair, Cooler Master or Swiftech, but they entered and attacked the market in a different way by making their AIO CPU cooler unique.

The reactor-like water block do stand out and it will surely add to the aesthetics of your system, specially if you have a Red and Black color theme. In terms of performance, the Captain 360 was able to perform well. Although, I was expecting more since it had a 360mm radiator and should outperform an AIO liquid CPU cooler with only a 240mm radiator. I guess a 240mm radiator is really the optimal solution for an AIO liquid CPU cooler. A 360mm radiator would be good if paired with a more powerful pump and can be expanded to cool other components.

The Deepcool Captain 360 is a great product, but I think it’s not perfect yet. There are rooms for improvement like changing the tubes with a better looking one and using a more silent type of fan. The larger 360mm radiator may be a con for some, specially for those who have a case that can’t support a 360 radiator. But Deepcool got you covered with the Captain 240 and Captain 120. Also, at the time of publishing this review, the Captain 360 is cheaper compared to one of its competitor, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate that retails for $138.

Finally, the Deepcool Captain 360 is a well-built AIO liquid CPU cooler that will surely add to your system’s aesthetics. If you have an Asus ROG, MSI Gaming or Gigabyte Gaming motherboard, I’m sure you won’t have any problem matching this CPU cooler with your system’s color. It may not have a groundbreaking cooling performance but it does deliver, and makes your system look like it is being powered by a reactor (which is pretty cool).


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