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ECS Z97-Machine Review – The L337 Gaming Motherboard

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ECS Z97-Machine BIOS User Interface

The ECS Z97-Machine has a simple and very user friendly BIOS user interface. For not so control savvy users, you may find the BIOS user interface pleasing to your eyes. But for control-freak users, you may find the BIOS UI lacking or missing some set of controls, specially if you are used with the AI Tweaker or M.I.T. Also, I don’t think it has a built-in screenshot feature. I kept looking for a screenshot button or key but I can’t find one. In the end I ended up taking photos of my monitor displaying the BIOS UI.

ECS Z97-Machine BIOS-01 ECS Z97-Machine BIOS-02

Like most BIOS user interface, the Z97-Machine also has an Easy Mode. This motherboard’s Easy Mode can be viewed in two say as seen from the photos above. Meanwhile, below are photos of the MB Intelligent BIOS X or M.I.B. X and the rest of the advanced BIOS user interface.

ECS Z97-Machine BIOS-03

As you can see from the screenshots above, the advanced user interface is not that complicated and doesn’t come with many options or settings.

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