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Elgato HD60 S+ External Video Capture Card Released – Streams or Records Gameplay at 1080p60 HDR10

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Elgato recently released the HD60 S+ an external video capture card that lets gamers and content creators play games at 4K 60fps with HDR10 and record or stream the gameplay at 1080p 60fps with HDR10. Playing games at 4K 60fps HDR10 is pretty much a demanding task and you definitely need the best GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card (or two) just to enjoy playing games at this high resolution. The Elgato HD60 S+ is a plug and play device and an updated or upgraded version of the non-plus HD60 S. You can also capture 4K videos but only at 30fps. If you want to capture 4K60 HDR, you might want to check out the Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 instead. Check out more features of the HD60 S+ from the official news release below.

elgato hd60 s+ capture card

Elgato HD60 S+ Capture Card – Play and Create without Compromise

Elgato, the leading provider of hardware and software for content creators, today announced the launch of HD60 S+, an external video capture card that lets content creators play high-fidelity console games in stunning 4K60 HDR10 while simultaneously streaming or recording gameplay in 1080p60 HDR10. It’s easy to get set up and streaming with HD60 S+ thanks to a simple USB 3.0 connection and full compatibility with today’s most prominent streaming applications including OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit. Accompanied by powerful Elgato 4KCU recording software, HD60 S+ is ideal for content creators looking to grow audiences on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.

Building upon the original hugely popular HD60 S, HD60 S+ allows 4K60 HDR10 zero-lag passthrough, with onboard video downscaling to enable streaming to any platform in industry standard full HD 1080p60 quality and recording unlimited 1080p60 HDR10 footage to your hard drive. HD60 S+ also benefits from ultra-low latency Instant Gameview technology, keeping gameplay, mic, webcam, and other sources perfectly synched.

Elgato’s 4KCU software powers HD60 S+, offering exclusive features to help you get the most out of it. Take advantage of Flashback Recording to save your gameplay retroactively with convenient DVR-like controls, and Live Commentary to record microphone audio as a separate track. These tools allow you to adjust gameplay, game audio, and microphone audio independently in post-production with ease, creating better, polished, more professional content. Record the superior color depth of HDR10 that would be lost using other software, and leverage advanced file formats that let you easily arrange gameplay footage, gameplay audio, and microphone audio independently in your favorite video editor.

An external capture solution that produces high quality footage without compromising high-fidelity gameplay, HD60 S+ empowers beginners and experienced content creators alike.

Elgato HD60+ Price and Availability

Elgato HD60 S+ is available immediately from the Elgato worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. It comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.99 USD. Elgato HD60 S+ is backed by a two-year warranty and the CORSAIR & Elgato worldwide customer service and technical support network.

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