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Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse Review – Simple Yet Elegant

Previously we reviewed the Feenix Autore, a minimalistic, compact yet elegant mechanical keyboard. Today we are going to look another gaming accessory from the company – the Feenix Nascita gaming mouse. Just like the Autore, the Nascita boast a simple yet elegant design, great for those who are looking for a straightforward gaming mouse. It’s basically a laser type gaming mouse and can reach speeds from 800 to 8200 DPI. Need an elegant mouse to pair with your Autore? Or are you simply tired of those fancy gaming mouse with lots of complicated things? Check out my Feenix Nascita review below and find out if this is the mouse that you are looking for.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-06

Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse Review

Like most of Feenix’s collection, Ashkon Shayani is also the lead designer for the Feenix Nascita gaming mouse. Aside from its simplistic yet elegant look, this gaming mouse is completely driver-less, unlike most of the gaming mouse in the market. This also means that there are no marcro features and the keys are not programmable or cannot be remapped. But the good thing is the mouse has an ergonomic design with anti-slip surface, and is very much plug and play without any compatibility issues. Under the hood, Feenix is using an Avago ADNS-9800 sensor and Omron switches which are great for gaming. Check out the rest of its features below:

  • Extensively researched and unique Feenix form factor offers perfect ergonomic feel for the Nascita regardless of whether you are a palm, claw, or semi-claw gamer.
  • Feenix engineering and workmanship makes for excellent reliability, quality, lifespan, and click feel.
  • Feenix’s use of the latest chipsets and sensor technologies allow for a 8200 dpi laser engine with perfect accuracy, tracking, and pickups.
  • In mouse LCD technology offers a completely new way of reading information and accurately adjusting DPI on the fly.
  • Perfectly weight distributed high grade Teflon contact points produce excellent glide.
  • State-of-the-art Omron switches allow for faster clicking, more tactile response, and a 10 million click lifetime.
  • Feenix Anti-Sweat and Anti-Slip surface material provides a comfortable grip.
  • Light Omron switches for the side, DPI, and mouse wheel buttons allow for fast response and excellent click feel.
  • Impeccable build quality makes the Nascita resistant to extreme water/beverage damage.
  • The 2014 Nascita was designed to be driver-less and completely plug and play, allowing professional gamers the streamline approach of being able to make on hardware adjustments without the use of unnecessary and bloated software
  • Beautiful aesthetics and design, with elegant jewel white lighting that illuminates the front, main logo on palm rest, and LCD panel.
  • Every Nascita comes with a complimentary set of extra Teflon feet.
  • Every Feenix Nascita owner receives their own personally assigned support manager.
  • The Feenix braided cord is durable, tangle free, and moldable.
  • A Gold Plated USB connection provides unwavering digital transference.

Feenix Nascita Specifications

  • 8200 DPI Avago 9800 laser chipset
  • Avago lens
  • 1 ms response time / 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • 12000 fps
  • 150 ips
  • 30g acceleration
  • 114g net weight

Packaging and Closer Look

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-01 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-02 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-03

The Feenix Nascita gaming mouse comes in a plain white box with just the Feenix logo in front of the box. Remove the top cover and it will reveal the inside.  The mouse is covered with a small layer of foam for protection.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-04 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-05

Remove that small foam and it will reveal the Feenix Nascita. Also included inside the box is a welcome note from Feenix together with extra feets.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-16 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-17

Above are top and bottom view of the Nascita. As you can see, it’s basically built for right-handed users featuring an ergonomic design that is supposed to fit any hand grip that a user is comfortable of.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-11 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-15

The upper surface features an anti-sweat and anti-slip coating. I don’t have a sweaty palm but it does a great job at keeping my palm on the mouse. The surface is very smooth, feels very comfortable and nice to touch. It features a braided cable with gold plated USB tips.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-08 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-09 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-10

Even the sides or the gray portion of the Feenix Nascita is coated with anti-slip surface. The two buttons on the sides act as back and forward buttons by default. This is useful when you are browsing the web, or in application or software that requires a back/forward function.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-12 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-13 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-14

The two buttons above are dedicated DPI switch buttons. The left and right click buttons also feels great to click, and they don’t feel wobbly and are solid just like the scroll wheel.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-25 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-26

The Feenix Nascita has a dedicated DPI display right beside the left click button. Using the dedicated up and down buttons, the Nascita can go from 800 DPI up to 8200 DPI. The settings are 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6400 and 8200. I usually just use 2400 or 3200, since 4800 DPI and above is just too sensitive for me.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-18 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-19

Here’s how the Nascita looks like during the dark. The nice clean white LED gives it a subtle effect. Since this doesn’t come with any software, there is no way for you to control the LED lighting on the Nascita.

Testing and Performance

Like the Feenix Autore, I have been using the Nascita for a couple of months now. Both the Autore and Nascita has been my companion whether doing my work or playing some games. Like I said earlier, the Nascita (like the Autore) is a straightforward gaming mouse. There are no drivers or software needed for you to use mouse. This also means that you cant’s configure the buttons on the mouse, but you can change the DPI on the fly.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-20 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-22

Some users might not be happy that they can’t customize any of the buttons of the mouse or they can’t save any macro configurations. But if you like something that doesn’t need any tinkering any further, then you might find the Nascita to your liking.

The Nascita is very comfortable to use. I use it to play FPS games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Crysis, and some other games like FFXIII. So far I didn’t find any problems at all while in gaming. The shape of the mouse is just right for my palm. In terms of lift of distance, I think it has a very low lift of distance making it great for gaming and general use.

So far, the mouse doesn’t seem to suffer from any acceleration issues or tracking inconsistencies. I tried different types of mouse pad surfaces and so far it’s working perfectly fine with any type of mouse pad surface. It has been pretty accurate so far and the left and right click has that nice clicky feel to it.

Price and Availability

The Feenix Nascita gaming mouse comes with a manufacturer’s retail price of $97 USD and can be purchased directly from Feenix’s official site here.

Feenix Nascita Review: Conclusion

After using the Feenix Nascita for several months now, it hasn’t disappointed me. Although when it comes to gaming, it might depend on the type of games that you play. I don’t find any problems using it with FPS or RPG games. But for games that require special functions or customization, you might be a little bit disappointed with this since there is no way for you to alter or configure the buttons.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-24 Feenix Nascita Mouse Review-23

Overall, the Nascita is a great solid mouse, sturdy as well. However you might find its asking price a little bit high, considering that it lacks the features that most gaming mouse out there offers. I guess you have to pay more for its premium-ness and build quality. But if money is no object for you and you appreciate its beauty, elegance and uniqueness, then the Nasicta will not disappoint you. The Feenix Nascita is very comfortable to use and I can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for this type of mouse.


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