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GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HOF Photos Surfaced! – It’s HUGE with 16+3 Power Phases!

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Last month, GALAX teased their upcoming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame graphics card, or GTX 1080 Ti HOF for short. Recently, several photos of the said graphics card surfaced thanks to a Korean site QuasarZone. As expected the GTX 1080 Ti HOF is an all-white graphics card, similar to the GTX 1080 HOF we reviewed previously. The 1080 Ti HOF is also huge and it features an insane 16+3 power phase design. Check out more details below.

GALAX GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame

The GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HOF (Hall of Fame) looks somewhat similar to the 1080 HOF, but with some few modifications. The cooler shroud is slightly larger due to the extended crown logo with white LED backlignting. I believe the circle outline on the middle fan also has white LED.

Looking at the side, it bares the Hall of Fame logo with two crowns on both sides; all of which have LED backlighting. Just like the GTX 1080 HOF, the GTX 1080 Ti HOF is a thick graphics card due to its massive cooler; it will occupy 2.5 PCI slot space. You could also see from the front side the logos GeForce GTX and LUMIN X. I’m not sure what Lumin X is, but I’m guessing it has something to do with its LED lighting.

I’m not sure if what we see is really the final product as I don’t see any mounting holes for the support stick. This card is definitely heavy and could use that support stick. But GALAX may have removed that feature, or implemented a different solution to prevent the card from sagging (not sure).

The GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HOF has three DisplayPorts, one HDMI port and one DVI port. There’s a button on the output panel and I assume this is for fan boost just like in the 1080 HOF; or GALAX may have tweaked this function and turned it to an instant OC button.

The GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HOF is clearly a graphics card for the enthusiasts and for those who want to break world records with LN2 cooling. It draws power from three 8-pin power connectors and features a massive 16+3 power phase design. With those number of power phases, this card should be able to deliver stable power and overclocking. I’m very curious as to how high the clock speeds or how fast this graphics card is right out of the box.

So far we don’t know yet any information other than the ones you see from the photos. But this thing is a beauty and quite a unique graphics card. I believe the GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HOF will become available next month, May. Hopefully we will have the chance to review one. Stay tuned!

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