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How To Get Rid / Remove / Stop pop-up ad in Firefox [Solved?]

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Are you currently suffering from that annoying pop-up ad, promoting an online game called League of Angels, that keeps coming out in your Firefox browser? This nasty pop-up ad started appearing a few days ago. I am not sure if this is a malware, adware or a virus, but it’s really annoying. What was surprising is that after the attack started to appear, different “promotional” sites started to appear on the same day providing different ways on how to stop, get rid or even remove the pop-up ad. But honestly, none of them work! Let me share you what I did to my PC to solve this problem.

How to remove pop-up ad League of Angels

Like I said the pop-up ad started to appear on my Firefox a few days ago. But only Firefox was experiencing the problem, well including Comodo Ice Dragon. I didn’t encounter that on Chrome, IE or Safari. So I tried the suggestions mentioned by the other site claiming that they have solution on how to remove But honestly, none of them worked. The last option on their site will always tell you to download a certain anti-virus or malware remover. I tried one but it didn’t work at all. I think that it was just an evil strategy so that people would download their software.

Reformatting Didn’t Solve the Problem

So after resetting Firefox, uninstall then reinstall and do all sorts of stuff, I decided to reformat my drive and do a fresh install of Windows, just to make sure that there were no hidden codes or scripts on my drive.

After a few minutes of installing Windows, I then installed all the necessary updates and updated to Windows 8.1 as well. I then installed my antivirus, then installed Chrome and Firefox. I didn’t install any programs yet just to rule things out.

I then opened Firefox and tried to surf for a couple of minutes. Then bang! The nasty ad strikes again. Later, after doing some research I found out that Firefox is the least secure web browser, after the Pwn2Own Hacking contest revealed all its security holes.

Firefox Adblock Plus Saves the Day?

Finally, I decided to try Adblock Plus, a Firefox add-on. I don’t really hate ads appearing on sites, but has gone too far and it’s very intrusive. I’m not sure if it’s just popping ads from League of Angels alone or it’s already stealing your credentials. But after installing and activating Adblock Plus, it seems to have solved the problem. On Adblock Plus I have enabled EasyList, Malware Domains and EasyPrivacy.

I’m not really sure if this will be a 100% solution for getting rid of the pop-up ad. But so far it’s working. Recently it was reported that Mozilla will be releasing an update patching 20 Firefox flaws exploited during the Pwn2Own event.

Well, I do hope Firefox would fix this problem soon, since I do not want to use Adblock Plus always. In a webmaster or blogger’s perspective, it’s a nasty plugin that takes away the life-blood of your site.

If you happen to encounter the same problem, please do share your experience and how you have solved the problem.

UPDATE:Unfortunately the Adblock Plus didn’t help at all. After a few hours of testing, the League of Angels pop-up ad appeared again. For now I have chosen to abandon Firefox temporary until they have patched this problem. I’m using Chrome and Opera and so far didn’t encounter that pop-up ad. Once again, if you have found a way to get rid of pop-up ads, please do share them below.

UPDATE 2:After reinstalling everything for the third time (well it was necessary since I am testing a new SSD sample), the pop-up ad is not showing anymore. Does this mean Firefox has somehow patched this problem? Or it is attacking a different set of IP addresses or region?

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Rid / Remove / Stop pop-up ad in Firefox [Solved?]”

  1. I have the same problem. it started after I updated firefox to ver. 28. i was going to format and reinstall all my programs and win8.1 just to make sure that I didn’t catch a virus but since that didn’t work for you I will try to find another solution. I am an IT student and very tech savvy and never ever had to deal with a virus on my pc. I downloaded malwarebytes removal tool and avg free 2014 and did a full system scan and nothing was found. I also did a registry cleanup using ccleaner and reset and reinstall firefox. I will consider changing browser but I have been using firefox since god knows and never caught a virus so I am skeptical on that subject. To conclude I believe is not a virus or spyware or anything malicious but only an ad. It sure did gave me a good scare thought. Interested to hear from others as well

    • Those methods didn’t work since I have tried it as well. But it’s a very intrusive and disturbing type of ad. It’s like injecting an ad on your browser. Who knows that next would they inject into our PC.

    • I hear you, man. Tried every single solutions found on Google. Did not work. This is the first time I can’t get rid of adware.

  2. Same here, I’m an IT enginner and couldn’t get rid of that pop up. I’m not afraid because my computer is well protected, with all kind of protection software, and the firewall is always warning when programs attempt to do different kinds of actions, including internet connections. I hope a fix will be found soon.

  3. I tried many methods but didn’t work at all. Is it true that Chrome and other web browsers are safe? then maybe I’ll try those. If Firefox dont do something to stop this annoying ad, I would not use FF anymore. this ad popup might steal my private info.

    ps. I tried Adblock Plus (Firefox’s add-on) but didn’t work either (and I used wildcard to try block all pages of this stupid pop-up but failed).

    • I tried chrome and I didn’t experience the annoying popup. and yes AdBlock Plus doesn’t work. I think this is FF problem now and they better patch it.

  4. I just started playing the game! And no pop up …. but now I wonder who teebik is?
    Cuz I sau League of Angels game on different sites ….

    what game is this?


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