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Gigabyte GTX 880 Series G1 Gaming Graphics Card To Be Released in September

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Gigabyte is planning to release some pretty interesting graphics card this September based on the upcoming GeForce GTX 800 series. Gigabyte has already started with their G1 Gaming branding with their latest Z97 motherboards, and the same brand name will continue with the company’s upcoming GTX 880 graphics card as well. According to Mr. Liu Mengzong (Gigabyte’s Graphics Card Marketing Director), the company’s upcoming GTX 800 series will have new features that will fully meet the PC gamers demand. Check out the rest of the story below.

gigabyte gtx 880 g1 gaming graphics card

Gigabyte GTX 880 G1 Gaming Graphics Card To Launch in September

In an interview with Mr. Liu Mengzong, the upcoming Gigabyte GTX 800 G1 Gaming Series will feature the same heatsink design used in the GTX 700 series that can accommodate up to 450W of TDP and even 650W TDP in the GTX Titans. But, according to Mr. Mengzong, the company will release a new heatsink design by next year which is expected to have better performance and appearance.

Further, he also mentioned that the upcoming Gigabyte GTX 880 G1 Gaming will feature LED lights, backplates and other features that are geared towards PC gamers. The upcoming GTX 800 series will also have PWM speed control, and under very low or idle use the fans are expected to run at a lower speed, resulting to a near 0dB noise or inaudible noise.

Mr. Mengzong didn’t disclose any further information about gigabyte’s upcoming GTX 880 G1 Gaming flagship graphics card. But it is expected that we will learn more about it by September, or perhaps sometime in August. The GTX 800 Series G1 Gaming is expected to become available by the end of September of early October.

It is also reported that Gigabyte will continue to push new products that are designed for small form factors, ITX and HTPC like half-sized GTX 750 Ti or GTX 750. We might probably be seeing half-sized GTX 860 from Gigabyte soon as well.

So if you are planning to buy a GTX 780 or GTX 770 any time soon, I would suggest that you wait for the new GTX 800 series to be released, since they are expected to perform faster and more power efficient than their predecessors.

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