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How Can Business Owners Improve the Customer Experience by Using QR Codes?

How Can Business Owners Improve the Customer Experience by Using QR Codes
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QR or Quick Response tools have been in the market for the last two decades and have gained immense popularity during the pandemic. For example, in order to support contactless transactions, retailers and customers adapted and began utilizing QR code payments. Three years post-pandemic, people are wondering if the QR code is still a popular and necessary tool. The answer is yes.

There’s no denying that a QR code is a great way to engage with your target audience and direct them to your digital tools, websites, landing pages, and payment page. They are incredibly convenient and one of the fastest methods of getting your audience to your desired digital channel easily.

These codes are scannable with smartphones, and using a reliable free QR code generator can also be immensely beneficial for your business. Let’s see how businesses can integrate QR codes into their marketing strategy for better customer experience.

Share Product Information

By putting a QR code on the product’s package, you can direct your customers to the page that has all details about the product: the production process, how sustainable it is, and a brief history of the product. It enables your customers to connect with your brand and increases the rate of repeat purchases. The best example is McDonald’s packaging. They have used QR codes to provide customers with information about the product’s ingredients, history, and other details. This helps them calculate the nutritional value of the food and make healthy choices.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

Loyal customers are not only likely to buy from your stores over and over again, but they will also recommend your brand to their friends and family. Your business needs the same if you have expansion plans. QR codes can help you exceed your customer’s expectations by registering them for your loyalty program.

Instead of handing the physical cards, you can allow your audience to sign up for customer loyalty through QR codes and complete the tasks to get rewards. For example, you can distribute coupons to customers that have spent a specific amount on your store. This will result in recurring business, as people will shop more to grab the discount.

Collect Feedback

Customer feedback is like word-of-mouth marketing, which insists others buy from a company based on previous customers’ experiences. Many people look for negative reviews, particularly to know about any product flaws or issues they might face later.

Feedback QR code can be used to prompt your customers to leave feedback after they receive the parcel. Instead of taking long surveys through different channels, scanning a QR code is a fairly simple way to collect genuine reviews from buyers. Now, you no longer need to message your customers to leave reviews. They can scan the QR code to rate and review your products easily. You can use this feedback to improve your customer service.

Track Customers’ Preferences

QR codes can be used to track customer preferences. It captures data that gives insights into customers’ buying patterns and the products they are interested in. Established companies, like Mcdonald’s and Starbucks, are utilizing QR codes to track customers’ buying habits so that companies can offer them a personalized experience based on their preferences.

This is another way to enhance your customer experience and increase conversions. Tracking this data will help you keep up with the changing trends, improving your company’s efficiency and customer experience.

Maintain the Quality of the Product

The above-mentioned feedback QR code can be used to collect customer reviews, but there are other smarter ways to incorporate the feedback codes into your business. You can build a new QR code for taking surveys. Suppose you run a ridesharing business and need customers to complete surveys where they discuss their experience with the driver, overall ride, routes, price, and other factors.

Instead of conducting face-to-face surveys, you can ask your customers to scan the QR code to be redirected to your website, social media, and emails. That’s not only easier and cost-effective, but an eco-friendly method of conducting surveys. Knowing what your customers think about your product and which part they liked will help you improve your product and services.

QR codes make it easier for businesses to build long-term relationships with their customers. You can share your product details, company history, and any information with your target audience through these scannable two-dimensional codes.

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