How To Erase Private Data on iPhone and Clear History Totally

Nowadays, more iOS mobile users are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of personal privacy. In other words, they now pay more attention to privacy especially as it concerns their data. When the need arises to donate, re-sell or abandon their device for a better grade or other reasons, there is often a simultaneous need to delete their data from the device. This births the concern of how to erase iPhone data. They even wonder if there was ever an easy way to get rid of their private information completely without any fear of future consequences whatsoever.

Moreover, because you would like to keep track of what you do on your iPhone, and view a missed call, iPhone browsers like Safari store cache and cookie data of the websites you recently visited. This is done by default. Again, this can also raise some privacy concerns because your personal data could be misused by other people. Therefore, you do want to know how to clear history on iPhone.

How to completely remove private data completely

Many people resort to removing their personal information with the delete button or restoring to factory settings. This does not suffice, especially if you are particularly interested in your privacy. This is because, there are several iOS data recovery software that can be used to recover those deleted files or retrieve them even after you had done factory reset. Now, imagine losing such precious and personal data to someone else.

Your browsing history, bank/credit card information, website login and passwords, location information and many others can be easily recovered as they are not permanently deleted. You can erase data permanently on your iPhone with dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software, which offers speedy and much guarantee of absolute deletion. Also, the approach is quite offers great user-friendliness.

While it is true that iPhone- as lucrative as its offers are, is the best or nearly the best device in terms of security, its features are no doubt better than a lot of what other smartphones offer in the market. Yet, iOS devices have the highest tendency to store a lot of private information about you- the user. This information includes browsing history, cookies and cache. Even though this information is stored to basically ensure and enhance the user experience, it becomes an issue when there are way too many information stored- leading to reduction of the speed of your device and minimizing the efficiency as a result. It therefore becomes extremely important to understand how to clear cookies on your iPhone.

Regardless of the extent of saturation of the market with several kinds of software that can be used to erase data, dr.fone has a really sophisticated software or tool which entirely caters to this concern. dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software relates with the unending advancements in technology and aims to provide an easier way to delete data from your iPhone permanently without being able to recover them ever again.

Dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software can be used to completely wipe off any kinds of data in your phone with no chance of being recovered. And of course, you would agree that this is the exact type of software you must get for yourself if you plan to sell off your device or giving it out.


1. Download the program from their official website. Install it on your computer and launch. You will see an interface as below; click on the “Erase” option

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a compatible USB. Then, select “Erase” from the options as shown. Choose “Erase All Data” to begin the erasing process

3. Start Erasing by clicking on the “Erase” option. Meanwhile, you must be careful here with the data you actually want to delete because once you lose the data, you can never recover them.

4. Confirm to delete. At this point, the program would request that you confirm the deletion process. Here, type “delete” in the box provided and click on “Erase now” to initiate the deletion of your data.

5. Wait for some minutes and your data will be completely erased on your device. You can check and monitor the process as shown below.

6. Upon successful deletion, you will get this interface.

How to clear iPhone history

To clear the history on your iPhone device, especially the ones pertaining to Safari browser, you can also use the dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software. It gives incredible results in terms of deleting private data from your iOS device. That way, you can delete or erase your personal data such as login details and passwords, as well as other website histories so nobody can ever recover them. This software is compatible with all iOS devices. Moreover, it is a very simple process, fast and more efficient. Additionally, it allows you to do selective deletion, in any case.


1. Download and install the dr.fone – Erase (iOS) software from the official website. It is available for Windows and MAC. Install the program and select the “Erase” option.

2. Connect your device to the PC with a good USB cable. Once the program identifies your device, you will get a display as show:

3. Scan the private data in your phone now by clicking on the “Start Scan” option. Then, select the Safari Bookmark option. Check the ones you would like to delete and check the checkboxes. After that, click on “Erase from the Device”.

4. A prompt will then appear. Type “delete” to finish the process. After that, click on “Erase now” to proceed with the deletion.

This will take some time to finish, and you will get the message “Erase Completed!” at the end.


If you are ever anxious about keeping your data massively private, this is really understandable and thus the recommendation to choose dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software. The conventional method of manual deletion is not sufficient and does not guarantee your privacy. This is even more relatable if you intend passing on your device to a new owner. Moreover, to be sure that none of the data and history remains after deletion and wiping, it is best to choose this tool- dr.fone- Erase (iOS) software, which offers a seamless approach to private data erasing and complete clearing of your browser history.

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