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HyperX Alloy Elite – Testing and Performance

I have been using the HyperX Alloy Elite for several months already (as my daily driver), and this review is quite late already. But I’m confident to say that, at least for this specific unit, I haven’t encountered any problems at all. No LEDs burning out or dying after a few weeks or a month of use, unlike our experience with other mechanical keyboards. And you know that it’s real Cherry MX Blue switch, as the feeling of pressing a key is a little bit different from non-Cherry MX Blue switches.

The keys are well-spaced from one another and the typing experience is as expected from a full-sized mechanical keyboard with Blue switches. You get that nice clicky feeling whenever you press a key. I know some people do not prefer these Blue clicky and noisy switches. That’s fine, because there are other options like the Red and Brown switches. If I am not mistaken, it looks like the Alloy Elite is using Cherry Stabilizers for the larger or longer keys, like space bar, shift keys and etc.

The HyperX Alloy Elite doesn’t have and doesn’t need any software to make it work or to customize. So if you are looking for a (gaming) keyboard with programmable keys, this is not the keyboard for you. The Alloy Elite is a straight forward plug-and-play keyboard, but you do get 100% anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover functionality. You do have control over the brightness of the LED lighting or completely turning it off; and you get five lighting effects / profiles.

Price and Availability

The HyperX Alloy Elite is now available and comes with a suggested retail price of $110 USD. You can check out the links below for the updated pricing and availability.

HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Keyboard Review: Conclusion

Until today, I am still using the HyperX Alloy Elite keyboard, simply because it’s a no-fuss and straight forward keyboard. No need to mess with any settings and it feels really solid and sturdy. I can’t say that this is the most premium experience we had or it’s a fancy keyboard. I don’t the Alloy Elite is that kind of keyboard. Not to mention, it lacks RGB lighting that RGB fans might think twice or thrice before considering this keyboard. It’s not a feature-rich keyboard as well; but you do get the essentials, plus LED lighting and media keys with dedicated volume knob.

The keyboard itself feels heavy and doesn’t flex, and the detachable wrist rest is really useful. Now I can’t use a keyboard without any wrist pad since I’m used to this set up. There are a few things that I wish was considered or you may need to consider before pulling the trigger. The light bar on top of the function keys is, I think, embedded a little bit deep. When I’m sitting, I couldn’t notice or see the light bar at all. Second, the white LED indicator for the CAPS lock and Num lock are blocked by the upper number keys (- * /). It’s hard to tell if Caps lock is on without leaning forward to look at the LED indicator, or type on the keys. And third is the current price; at $110 I think it’s a little bit pricey considering it doesn’t have RGB lighting, no programmable keys and somewhat a less set of features compared to other brands. There are other keyboards out there with more set of features that are priced (a little bit) lower than the Alloy Elite. However, with the Alloy Elite, you do get real Cherry MX mechanical switches, unlike with other (cheaper) options.

Finally, I think the HyperX Alloy Elite mechanical gaming keyboard is a robust and good-solid keyboard that is great for both gaming and typing. It has some limitations though. But if you are not into RGB or any (complicated) software and programmable keys, and you simply want a mechanical keyboard that works, you may want to consider the Alloy Elite.

Peter Paul
I love computers since I was a kid. I’m always fascinated with new technology, especially in the PC world. Many years ago, I was curious if the reviews I read were true and real. So, why not test them myself and share my first-hand experience? And thus, here we are. Thanks for reading!


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