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Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon Specifications Revealed – 5.GHz Overclock Possible on Air!

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Intel has recently announced their latest Intel 9 series together with their new Haswell Refresh processors. But many from the PC Enthusiast community aren’t really excited about the Haswell Refresh processors. Most of us are anxiously waiting for the Haswell Refresh K-Series, codenamed Devil’s Canyon, the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K. Luckily, their respective specifications where revealed earlier thanks to a site called Coolaler. Check out their respective specifications below.

Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Specs

UPDATE: Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon Now Official!

The Devil’s Canyon – Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K

The upcoming Intel Devil’s Canyon processors, the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K, features an unlock multiplier just like their predecessors. But what’s new and different about them is that they feature an improved and better thermal interface material that is placed between the die and the integrated heat spreader. They also come with a better packaging compared to the first Haswell and 3rg Gen. Ivy Bridge processors.

Don’t think of them as just an unlock versions of the Core i7-4790 and Core i5-4690 Haswell Refresh. Both the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K comes with a different codename because they are different compared to their non-K variant, in the sense that these chips are made from high-performing dies and are designed to handle higher voltages specially during overclocks.

Based on the leaked specifications, the Intel Core i7-4790K has a base clock speed of 4GHz with a Turbo Boost frequency of 4.4GHz. If the Core i7-4790K does really have an improved and better TIM and packaging, a 5GHz overclocked could be very much attainable using air cooling alone (I’m not referring to the Intel stock cooler). Those clock speeds also offers a 500MHz increase compared to its i7-4770K predecessor.

While a 5GHz overclock on air is possible with the i7-4790K, I don’t think that is the same case with the i5 variant. The Intel Core i5-4690K, the successor of the Core i5-4670K has a base clock of 3.5GHz and Turbo Boost speed of 3.9GHz. That’s only a measly 100MHz improvement compared to the Core i5-4670K. This tells us, that if you are currently using a Core i5-4670K upgrading to its successor is definitely not a good move. Check out the specs table below for more details.

Intel Core i7-4790K Specifications

Below is a table comparing the specifications of the Intel Core i7-4760K vs Core i7-4760 vs Core i7-4770K:

SpecificationsCore i7-4790KCore i7-4790Core i7-4770K
No. of Cores444
No. of Threads888
Base Frequency4.00 GHz3.60GHz3.50 GHz
Turbo Boost4.40 GHz4.00 GHz3.90 GHz
Total Cache8 MB8 MB8 MB
Memory Speed Support1600 DDR31600 DDR31600 DDR3
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4600Intel HD Graphics 4600Intel HD Graphics 4600
Dynamic Frequency1250 MHz1200 MHz1250 MHz
TDP88 W84 W84 W

See also: Intel Core i7-4790 Benchmarks here

Intel Core i5-4690K Specifications

Below is a table comparing the specifications of the Intel Core i5-4690K vs Core i5-4690 vs Core i5-4670K:

SpecificationsCore i5-4690KCore i5-4690Core i5-4670K
No. of Cores444
No. of Threads444
Base Frequency3.50 GHz3.50 GHz3.40 GHz
Turbo Boost3.90 GHz3.90 GHz3.80 GHz
Total Cache6 MB6 MB6 MB
Memory Speed Support1600 DDR31600 DDR31600 DDR3
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4600Intel HD Graphics 4600Intel HD Graphics 4600
Dynamic Frequency1200 MHz1200 MHz1200 MHz
TDP88 W84 W84 W

Release Date and Availability

Both the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon processors are expected to be officially launched this coming June 2014. Most probably they will be announced at the first week of June during Computex 2014. Availability of both processors is expected to be towards the end of June or starting July 2014.

UPDATE2: Both the Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon processors are now available for order. Shipping will start as early as June 20.

UPDATE: The new Intel Core i7-4790 and Core i5-4690 Haswell Refresh processors are now available. The Core i7-4790 is priced at $299, while the Core i5-4690 is priced at $224.99.

Meanwhile, the “performance-optimized lifetyle” S variants of the said Haswell Refresh processors are now available as well. The Intel Core i7-4790S is priced at $314.99, and the Core i5-4690S is priced at $224.99.

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18 thoughts on “Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Devil’s Canyon Specifications Revealed – 5.GHz Overclock Possible on Air!”

      • It is likely to believe that a new BIOS update for the 8-series motherboard will take care of that issue, as we have seen it with sandy/ivy in the past.

        • Now I remember! Yes there will be a BIOS update for the 8 series to support the Haswell Refresh processors. I read some press release about this weeks/months ago.
          Sorry, I stand corrected about my comment reply to “The Quiet One”. I think, the 5th Gen Broadwell is the one which is compatible with the 9 series only.
          A question was raised on this video regarding the compatibility of Boardwell processors, at around 5:30 of the clip.

  1. I’m pretty sure on June 2 as it gets lunched you’ll be able to purchase it right away, they won’t announce it and release it sometime later, lunch and availability is gonna be the very same day.

    • Yes it’s true. Most probably in the US it will be available by first or second week of June. But it’s not the same in other countries. Anyway, I’ll post an update as soon as the Devil’s Canyon becomes available.

      • nice… so you didn’t let my comment go through because I’ve provided the leak(proof) of actually release date and at the same time I proved you to be wrong in your assumption? lol no wonder you’ve only 6 people commenting… probably you swallow-hard when somebody corrects you, silly.

        • Haha sorry about that. I was busy with other matters and didn’t get the chance to approve your comment.

          And yes, I have seen the leek from VR-Zone before you shared the link/image. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to write about it.

          And I don’t swallow-hard when somebody corrects me. In fact I really appreciate it when somebody gives the correct information.

          Like I said, the processors will most likely be announced on the first week of June (June 2 is first week). But it doesn’t mean that availability will also be on June 2 as well. Anyway, don’t you worry because I’ll post an update as soon as it becomes available on market, specially in the US.

          By the way, are you planning to buy one as soon as it hit shelves?

          • sorry about that lol because to my it appeared as you declined my comment for some reason, at this time I don’t have any PC at all(just 5yr old Toshiba laptop haha and last PC I had was some single-core Pentium 4) and as 4790K hit the shelves i’ll be putting a complete PC setup order from ground up with everything(even table and chair haha) so I’m totally ready just about to hit the order button as soon as the order button come available(im getting 2x 780Tis(EVGA superclocked ones), 4790K, MSI Exreme gaming 7(or maybe Asus not sure yet), CM Storm Stryker, Corsair H105, 3 extra 120mm case fans, Corsair Dominater 32GB ram, 1x 256GB Samsung 840 PRO and 1x 512GB Samsung 840 EVO, Toshiba 3TB HDD, COUGAR 700M & 700K keyboard mouse(to be released on Computex as well), Astro A40 headset, Asus 24″ 1ms 140HZ monitor, table, chair and some 3.1 speakers) gotta be heck of setup I guess lol, I’ll post benches as soon as possible as I put together this build, hope i’ll have this up and running by end of next month tho otherwise this laptop shots me on the leg everytime I turn it on…

          • That’s okay.
            Wow man you really are prepared. And I feel you, I feel your excitement! hehe
            Getting the 4790K is the right way to go for you.
            Yes those two 780 Ti are totally sweet. I’ve tried the Asus GTX 780 Ti and they are fantastic. But it’s up to you, I’ve seen some reviews that there are better 780 Ti than Asus’. I’m just not sure if it was from EVGA, Palit or MSI.
            Haha better get rid of that laptop soon, I’m sure it’s totally a worth it upgrade.
            By the way, why not go for Cosmos 2 or Cosmos SE instead?
            Good luck with your build Ronnie!

          • aha:) I was gonna get Haswell-E but as it turned out it either happens very late this year or early next year but I dont feeling waiting that long since I job is computer-related(web. dev.) sure there are some great custom 780Ti is the problem is that they aren’t price/value-wise better than reference 780Tis that you still can puch some more speed on them, I was considering MSI’s and ASUS’s 780Tis as well but I just kinda go too much off from my expected price-range but I still may get one of these as well, how about the case is that I just love to see my hardware thru the window lol and Cosmos doesn’t have a window and it’s a bit pricey too as well, Cosmos 2 was one of the first one I considered and after your suggestion I started re-considering again and ended up change to Cosmos 2 in my shopping card lol(so I’m getting it), it just all matter of what new will be available by June 6(last Computex conference day) if anything new or better become available I’ll be happy to replace my current choices with some of these new stuff, but I won’t wait even one more day for other hardware since I’ve had quite enough of waiting and fed up with it, I’m gonna order the PC with whatever will be available after June 6 and that’s will do it for me;)

          • Looks like there has been a change of plan. I got some bad news Ronnie. I recently read from a Chinese site that the Intel Devil’s Canyon will only have a paper launch this June 2. Actual availability will be on September. I’m not sure if this report is true or not, but let’s just see by June 2. I’ll post an article about this later.

          • aha:( already heard of it and can’t believe it’s happening man:( but I still suspicious about that leak( because I’ve found another one that confirms that it indeed set to be lunched in June 2 at Computex? this is just a day old post tho and as far as I’m concerned vr-zone is one of the best if not the best source to expose tech-related news ahead of their luinch and I’d tend to believe vr-zone more than exreview but you know… I may be very well wrong and this may actually be happening, but I hope it’s not 🙂

      • The 4790K is already in pre-order on several sites and they all list it as a 4.1Ghz processor and most guys I spoke to wouldn’t be a surprised that it’s the boost speed, so do some research before you translate rumours into facts, it helps to boost the credibility of your site, which is clearly suffering now.

        • Hi Will

          I did some research prior to posting this article. And those specs where the reported and rumored specs of the 4790K. And many tech or PC-related sites also published the same specs. There were no pre-order yet at the time this article was published. We just recently found out about the 4.1GHz clock speed recently when sellers posted pre-orders. And the 4.1GHz is even unclear whether it’s a base speed or a boost speed.

          Until Intel reveals the Devil’s Canyon or announce it officially we need to consider news like this with a grain of salt. It seems that you are also questioning the credibility of WCCFTECH, and other popular tech sites. If you know some facts, why not kindly share them, instead of attacking every article or site you encounter that you think is wrong.

          But don’t you worry because an update will be published when Intel reveals it during Computex.

          Regarding the pre-order, that was recent news. This article was published last May 13, and at that time, sellers didn’t post any pre-orders yet. Many assumed that Intel will announce the Devil’s Canyon by June 2 and at the same time will become available that same day.

          And yes, I have read the article regarding Intel pushing the availability of the Devil’s Canyon on September. By the way, why are you pointing me to an article which you yourself wouldn’t agree to?

  2. I am running 2500K @ 5ghz (Silver arrow)… but well Devil’s Canyon is faster at same frequency.
    But still 10-20% more power for ~350€ (CPU + decend motherboard)
    Meh…. gonna skip this one too…


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