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Intel Core i7-7700K and i5-7600K Benchmarked with ASrock Z270 Extreme4 Surfaced

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The 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake Core processors for desktop PCs are said to be released early next year. Intel has officially announced the U and Y series for notebooks and mobiles devices recently. But most, PC enthusiasts like me are more excited about the desktop CPUs. Recently, someone with an access to an Intel Core i7-7700K, i5-7600K and i5-7500 together with an Asrock Z270 Extreme4 motherboard uploaded benchmark results using SiSoft SANDRA 2015. These benchmarks further confirm that the i7-7700K will have a clock speed of 4.2GHz, 3.80GHz for the i5-7600K and 3.4GHz for the i5-7500. Obviously, the ASRock Z270 Extreme4 is an upcoming motherboard from the company and we don’t have any details regarding this new hardware yet. You can check out the benchmark results below.

7th Gen Intel Core family

Intel Core i7-700K and i5-7600K Benchmarked

I did a short benchmark with my Intel Core i7-6700K using SiSoft Sandra 2016.SP1 just for comparison. My Core i7-6700K was running at default speeds 4.0GHz and it got a 141.27GOPS aggregate native performance with the processor arithmetic test. Meanwhile, the Core i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz with the ASrock Z270 Extreme motherboard got 151.94GOPS; that’s around 10 GOPS faster, not a huge jump but it is a bit faster.

You can check the rest of the benchmark results below. Click image for larger view.

ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 SiSoft Benchmark
Asrock Z270 Extreme 4 SiSoft Sandra Benchmark

Intel Core i7-7700K SiSoft Benchmark
Intel Core i7-7700K SiSoft Sandra Benchmark

Intel Core i5-7600K SiSoft Benchmark
Intel Core i5-7600K SiSoft Sandra Benchmark

Intel Core i5-7500 SiSoft Benchmark
Intel Core i5-7500 SiSoft Sandra Benchmark

These are just partial benchmarks of the next generation Intel Kaby processors. It’s too early to say whether the performance difference between their predecessors is just marginal, or significant enough to entice 6th generation users to upgrade to the latest processors.

The 7th gen. Intel Kaby Lake core processors are based on a 14nm fab process and will make use of the same LGA 1151 socket; the same socket currently used by the 6th gen Intel Skylake processors and 100 series motherboards.

Intel Kaby Lake Desktop Processors Specs

Processor NameFrequency (GHz)CacheC/TTurbo Boost (GHz)Intel HD GraphicsDynamic Frequency (MHz)Unlocked
Socket 1151 Standard Power (95W)
i7-7700K4.28 MB4/84.5Next Gen HD GraphicsTBAYes
i5-7600K3.86 MB4/44Next Gen HD GraphicsTBAYes
Socket 1151 Low Power (65W)
i7-77003.68 MB4/8TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
i5-76003.56 MB4/4TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
i5-75003.46 MB4/4TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
i5-74003.36 MB4/4TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
Socket 1151 Ultra Low Power (35W)
i7-7700T2.98 MB4/8TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
i5-7600T2.76 MB4/4TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
i5-7500T2.46 MB4/4TBANext Gen HD GraphicsTBANo
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