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Intel SSD 730 Series High Performance Solid State Drives Now Available – See Specs, Benchmarks, Price and Where to Buy

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Intel has recently unleashed their latest solid state drive – the Intel SSD 730 Series, a high performance SSD which is perfect for enthusiasts, gamers and workstation users. The Intel 730’s NAND and Intel Controller features Data Center DNA for reliability and is optimized for extreme performance. Check out its specifications, benchmarks, price and where to buy below.

intel ssd 730 specs and benchmarks

The Intel SSD 730 replaces the 530s released last year. It features Intel’s 3rd generation PS29AS21CA controller and 20nm MLC NAND Flash. The controller is said to be overclocked at 50% while the NAND is 20% faster compared to its predecessor. It comes in 240GB and 480GB capacities and has a Random 4KB Read/Write speed of 86,000/56,000 IOPS and 89,000/74,000 IOPS respectively. It’s Sequential 128KB Read/Write speeds are 550MBps / 270MBps for the 240GB, and 550MBps / 470MBps for the 480GB.

The Intel SSD 730 is able to handle 70GB of writes per day, unlike other SSD which can only handle 20GB writes per day, making it suitable for heavy users. It also features RAID Performance scaling, making it possible to achieve extreme storage performance for the most demanding usage models with RAID 0 configurations combining two or more Intel SSD 730 Series drives with an Intel platform supporting Intel Rapid Storage Technology for throughput exceeding 1,000 MB/s.

Intel SSD 730 Specifications

intel ssd 730 specificationsClick image for larger view

Intel SSD 730 Benchmarks

 Hybrid SSHD (2TB)Intel SSD 530 Series (480GB)Intel SSD 730 Series (480GB)
AS SSD Test Scores
Random Read IOPS3925489589154
Random Write IOPS3186016874532
Sequential Read (MB/s)170485500
Sequential Write (MB/s)200293461
Read Access Time (ms)14.030.1840.07
Write Access Time (ms)11.020.2160.04
ISO Copy113287371
Program Copy50185214
Game Copy78207289
Overall Score AS SSD548231146
PCMark Vantage Test Scores (MB/s)
Windows Defender31254449
Importing Pictures71356486
Windows Startup27232381
Video Editing75177329
Media Center242259433
Adding Music1496303
Application Loading9103321
PCMark Vantage Storage Suite75584413083354
EA Origin: Repair 10GB of Game Files (sec)612727

intel ssd 730 raid mode

The Intel SSD 730 is basically designed to compete with other high performance solid state drives like the Samsung 840 Pro / 840 Evo and OCZ Vertex. And based on the reviews I read, it wasn’t able to blow away its competitors. But it was able to put itself near the leading SSDs like the Samsung 840 Pro.

intel ssd 730 price and where to buy

Price and Where to Buy

Its official released date is on March 18. But both the Intel SSD 730 249GB and 480GB are now available for (pre) order. Intel is also offering a 5 year warranty for both the 240GB and 480GB. You can get a 240GB for as low as $239.99 and the 480GB at $469.99 (lesser than suggested retail price price).

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