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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review – Now Comes with 7.1 Surround Sound Effect

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A Closer Look At the HyperX Cloud II

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-01 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-02 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-03

The HyperX Cloud II comes in a similar box and layout compared to the HyperX Cloud. Most of the features and specifications of the gaming headset are printed all over the box. Like the first one, the packaging is pretty much solid and sturdy.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-04 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-05

The packaging is very much the same with the first one. You also get another box which contains the product itself together with its accessories. As you can see the Cloud II and its accessories is protected with thick foam and is very much secure while it is inside its box. There are also some reading materials included in the packaging.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-06

The main accessories of the HyperX Cloud II include Velour ear pads, an airline 3.5mm adapter, a removable mic, the USB DAC and a carrying pouch. There is less cable accessories with the new Cloud II, but these are basically all the things you need to use the headset.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-07
HyperX Cloud II 7.1 DAC-01 HyperX Cloud II 7.1 DAC-02 HyperX Cloud II 7.1 DAC-03

Here is the HyperX Cloud II’s USB DAC with the virtual 7.1 surround effect. It has a volume control for the speakers, as well as for the mic. The center button is for activating and deactivating the 7.1 surround effect. There’s also a switch on the side to turn off the mic instantly. The USB DAC has this nice red LED as you can see from the photos above. You may or may not use the USB DAC. You can still use the Cloud II on any device via its 3.5mm jack. You also don’t need additional software to use the included DAC. It’s pretty much plug and play.

The USB DAC / volume control in the Cloud II looks nice and discrete, but I think the buttons are somewhat hard to press and it’s difficult to tell which ones which without looking at the device. I think it would be great if the symbols has LED backlighting as well and/or the symbols are embossed.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-08

The HyperX Cloud II has this nice embroidered logo on the headband, as well as stitch design on the edges. The headband also has a nice and soft cushion that sits on your head. It’s definitely softer compared to the first one.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-09 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-11

Here’s how the HyperX Cloud II looks from the side. It’s very much the same with the first one. The audio cable is non-removable, but the mic is detachable and you can plug it only when you need it. All cables are nicely braided and feels that it’s made from high quality materials.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-12

The mic of the Cloud II is supposed to have a noise cancelling feature, with Auto Gain Control and echo cancellation via USB sound card. It is also certified by TeamSpeak and optimized for Skype and other leading chat programs. It looks very neat and can easily be contoured or molded to your liking.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-14 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-15

Just like most headphones, the height of the headband is adjustable. You will feel a small amount of click as you retract the headband.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-16

Just like the first one, the headband is very sturdy and flexible. It won’t break easily but I would suggest that you stretch it out so that the clamping force would be lessened. The ear pads on the new HyperX Cloud II are noticeably softer and comfortable to wear. It uses 100% memory foam and it hugs softly around your ear. I was surprised how the comfort was significantly improved in the Cloud II compared to the first one.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-17 Kingston HyperX Cloud II Review-18

The soft ear pads can easily be removed. The velour pads would help specially if you sweat easily or if you feel this is more comfortable for you. However, I still prefer the default ear pads since it provides better noise isolation and comfort for me.

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