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KLEVV Genuine DDR3 Memory Review: 8GB Dual Channel at 2666MHz

Today we are going to look on a new product from a new company who recently entered the memory/storage market. The company I am talking about is no other than Essencore and their house brand called KLEVV. As the title of this article reads, we are going to take a look and review Essensore’s KLEVV Genuine DDR3 memory kit, specifically the 8GB dual channel kit clocked at 2666MHz. The Klevv Genuine is just one of the three DDR3 memory lineups that the company released altogether. The other two are the Urbane and Neo, which we will be reviewing as well. The Genuine features a unique and elegant-looking heat sink design with sophisticated LED light. You won’t be seeing any serrated heatsinks or aggressive looking heatsink like we usually see on memory modules nowadays. You might probably think that the DDR3 memory market is already congested and there are already lots of options to choose from. But it’s always good to see new competition, specially if the new competition promises something that would stand out from the rest. Before we proceed with the review, I’d like to thank Essencore for providing the Genuine DDR3 memory kit for the purpose of this review.

Klevv Genuine DDR3 Memory Review

KLEVV Genuine DDR3 Memory Review

According to the company, the KLEVV Genuine DDR3 memory is built using strictly screened memory ICs. It also features a clean looking and elegant heat spreader design with white LED lights. Just like most DDR3 memory nowadays, the Genuine are fully compatible with Intel XMP profile. Amongst the three lineup (Genuine, Urbane and Neo), both the Genuine and Urbane offers a wider range of speeds to choose from; ranging from 1600MHz up to 3200MHz. They are also available from 8GB up to 32GB capacities.

I’ll discuss more of its features as we take a closer look at the memory below. Here is a screenshot of the SPD information of the Klevv Genuine 8GB DDR3-2666 (IMT451U6MFR8Y) I got using AIDA64:

Klevv Geniune AIDA64 SPD

KLEVV Genuine DDR3 Specifications

FormatDDR3 Unbuffered DIMM
Capacity8GB (2x4GB)
16GB (4x4GB)
16GB (2x8GB)
32GB (4x8GB)
Speed Voltage1600 9-9-9 @ 1.5V
1866 9-10-9 @ 1.5V
2133 10-12-12 @ 1.6V
2400 11-13-13 @ 1.65V
2666 12-13-13 @ 1.65V
2800 12-14-14 @ 1.65V
2933 12-14-14 @ 1.65V
3200 13-15-15 @ 1.65V
Pin Out240 Pin
Dimensions133mm x 55mm x 8mm
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
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